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See all 31 new looks – Athletic

More than two years ago, Adidas invited NHL Commissioner Gary Batman and his leadership team to the company at Brooklyn Creator Farm in New York. The building is located in the Greenpoint community on the northern tip of Brooklyn, and is where many of the retail giant’s creative ideas originate. …

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Goalkeeper Jack Allen receives from the Canadian Blues

MONTREAL – Montreal Canadiens general manager Mark Bergevin announced today that the team has selected goalkeeper Jack Allen and the seventh round from the St. Louis Blues in 2020, in exchange for a third-round stove in 2020 (previously acquired from Washington) and a seventh-round pick in 2020. Previously acquired from …

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Fast-Tracking Canucks to the Cusp of Pride

The last time the Vancouver Canucks showed the defending champions the door was in 2011 and they came within one agonizing game of winning the Stanley Cup. But that was expected. The Canucks had 10 points at the top of the overall NHL standings and were an emerging powerhouse. But …

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