Why false positives, too

In the high-stakes world of coronavirus testing, an error has taken center stage: a frighteningly false negative, in which a test mistakenly considers an infected person to be virus-free. Im Jim Wilson / The New York Times Testing for coronavirus in San Francisco. Experts say this troublesome outcome, which can …

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Kumail Nanjiani says the epidemic, high-risk wife Emily V. In emotional tweets about Gordon he seems ‘disappointed and disappointed’.

long after posting that thread, the actor sent Following Tweet How the United States “won’t control the epidemic” over White House Chief of Staff Mark Madonna’s remarks to CNN’s Jack Tapper. “My dad’s friend died last week from covid,” he wrote. “My wife is in a very dangerous group. We …

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Harley’s new CEO batsman to restore Hoggs’ luster

Harley Davidson Inc. Gamdio 1.93% Leaving the downward quest to reach new types of riders is returning to the basics of building bigger, more expensive motorcycles for its most dedicated customers. New Chief Executive Joachim Zitz, former head of German-born Puma Se Pum 1.91% And collectors of African art, spreading …

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