‘Come on, let’s get serious’: Anthony Fawcett says he wore a mask in 2022 and ‘took it in context’.

Dr. Anthony Fawcett said during a Friday segment of Fox News that “your world with Neil Cavuto” was “taken in full context” when he discussed the possibility of wearing a face mask by 2022.

“Let’s get serious,” Fawcett said when asked by host Neil Cavuto about some of the criticism he received from commenting in CNN’s February interview. (Relevant: CNN’s Sanjay Gupta says it is ‘unlikely’ that it will be the most important ‘fourth surgeon’ of coronavirus in the US)

Cavuto is a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Marty noted the curiosity of Mary Curry Fauci, noting that she was “very cautious” in her response to the epidemic, as her herd was immune-related. Cavuto released Fawcett’s comments about the mask, in which he told CNN’s Dana Bash that “it is possible” that Americans could still wear the mask in 2022, depending on the state of “normality” in relation to the epidemic, and how you define it. He then asked Fauqi if it would be “impossible” to get out of the epidemic mentality if he was careful of the point.

“Well, first of all, let me answer one thing that the guy says, that it’s just completely misunderstood,” Fawcett replied. “When I talk about herd immunity, I mean only people who are vaccinated,” he says. That is completely wrong. ”

“Herd immunity is a” misconception “because we don’t know the percentage of people who have been vaccinated, who have already been infected, and who are protected from the virus,” he said. He added that if there is a large number of people in a joint group, then we keep a “blanket of protection over the community”.

“Being very cautious, we want to make sure that when we make recommendations, we do it based on science.” “You could say that it is possible that something is true. It is possible that if you are vaccinated you will not spread the infection if you get the infection without any symptoms. No doubt about it. I understand that as well as anyone else. ”

He then said that once the study comes out it shows that this will be the case, then if people are vaccinated they can pull back wearing masks. He added that he wants to be convincing and wait until he gets the data that proves them.

“But wearing a mask in 2022, doctor cutter? Do you still stand by it? Cavuto went inside.

“Come on, let’s get serious about this. It was taken out of full context. What am I saying – ”Fausty replied before Kavuto asked again,“ Do you think that’s not right? Don’t you think you should have a mask in 2022? “

“We do not know. I’m not saying we should. If we have a big jump and we have an increase in cases, it is conceivable that we may have to wear masks in 2022, “said Fawcett. If we get a majority of people, we probably won’t.

“We are playing this game here. You take a word or a sentence and someone says it to you and you throw a get-u on it. No, I’m not saying we will definitely wear a mask in 2022. I said that in certain circumstances we have to do what is imaginative. But there are circumstances in which we may not be, “he concluded.