Eric Hosmer powers Pedres’ victory over D-Pack

SAN DIEGO – Before Manny Machado picked San Diego, Fernando Tatis Jr. got his call-up, General Manager A.J. The prelude cost spree, before the ace-filled rotation started, the paddles were good and enjoyable and before the brown was worn – on the dotted line signed by Eric Homer.

In anticipation, that moment works like a curve for this once-for-furlour franchise. But, in late-February afternoon of 2018, Hosmer can really be imagined This?

“Certainly not this extreme,” Hoesmer said last week. “If you had told me, Manny would have come here a year after me, then he would have been [Blake] Slane and [Yu] Darvish – and I’ve obviously heard a lot about Fernando, but I don’t know how good he really was until I got here and met him on a day-to-day basis.

“I definitely had an idea that this team was good, very talented. But this kind of talent is very special in a team. You certainly didn’t expect this. “

Homer certainly seems determined to make the most of it. Two games in the 2021 season, Pedres is 2-0, and he’s one of the heaviest coaches. In the second game in a row after Pedres caught the D-backs, -2-2, at Petco Park on Friday night, Homer got home and got three hits.

Hosmer started the run-to-right field from a two-run home run in third, then faced an insurance run with a seventh RBI two-out single. He has made four trips to the plate this season with runners in total scoring position, and he has hit all four.

“It all starts with: Eric wants to be there in those moments,” said Jesse Tingler, Pedres’ manager. “It does a good job of being aggressive on a pitch that can get a batch.”

Homer’s 13 total bases are the highest in franchise history by the team’s first two games of the season. He is the first Pedres player to start the season by recording three hits in the team’s first two games.

So while Machhado and Tatis have started the season on the chilli side – they’ve teamed up to go -15-together, and Tatis has made three mistakes – Pedres has made more than enough production of Hosmer for him, signing his original nine figures.

After winning the panic on the opening day – in which Tingler confessed to sticking with a very long Darwish, then used all four of his bulpen weapons – San Diego played Friday’s game as he knew he had 160 left. The National League West cannot be won on the opening weekend. So, Black Snell got an early hook after 4 2/3 innings in his paddle debut, and Tingler turned his bullpen with some of his key arms to rest as early as possible.

Snell, of course, also received the infamous early hook in his last start – the 6-game pitching of the World Series for the Rays against the D-Jers. He was cruising on Friday night, in which he completed 4/3 in 2/3 scoreless innings. But the circumstances – such as Snell was quick to point out – were different. Pedres put it on the first opening pitch limit of 85, and it would already exceed more than one count.

“I’m not here to throw nine innings in the first match,” Snell said. “I don’t mind. No one remembers your first two months of the season. They remember how you finish and what you do in the posts se sun. … We’ll make this right, and we’ll get a few innings and a little depth. Then we can have a little fun. “

After Snell’s removal, D-Becks bounced back in the seventh two runs while Kettle Mart went right off Craig Stamman. But Hosmer responded by pressing the bottom of his two-out RBI frame.

“He loves those opportunities and thrives on them,” Tingler said. “He’s been as successful as anyone in that situation.”

After his big opening day performance, Hosmer, who made twelve highs for Pedres’ offense, said he felt he should be the best in the MLB in 2021. When he arrived in San Diego he was arguably the worst. What a difference a few years have made.

But Hosmer is never one for “on-paper” achievements. Sure, Pedres has made an excellent roster. In Hosmer’s eyes, it means nothing.

“We have a special group here,” Hosmer said. “We have a lot of talent. Now, it’s time to put that talent to work. ”

Through two games, Homer walks.