Amazon Prime Video Striking Deals to Stream Live TV: Report

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Amazon is “actively seeking” deals to turn its Prime video streaming service into something more like Prime TV, an industry source said protocol on Tuesday. This is supported by several project-focused job listings.

Adding live and streaming options would immediately distinguish Prime Video from competitors like Netflix and Disney + that only offer video on demand (and get up to date with Hulu Youtube TVand Sling TV What have they had live tv options during years). Amazon has a separate service from Amazon Channels, but that’s primarily a clearinghouse for Amazon. resell channel subscriptions of the channels themselves and take a cut.

Under the Protocol, Amazon appears to be motivated by the opportunity to capture the majority of viewers who have not completely abandoned the channels. and avoid the television industry expensive networkpackaging model. ORne of job listings For a senior software development engineer, he points out that webcasting of linear programming remains a high-growth market:

Although video on demand is on the rise, global viewing hours weigh in favor of live or scheduled television and OTT linear streaming is projected to grow 64% in the next two years.

Amazon has already offered live, on-demand Sequences of events such as soccer and soccer games. AAnother job advertisement shows that Prime Video plans to expand those offerings to include a wider variety of events, with another mention Amazon hopes to offer “Sports, “live news, movies, awards, special events and TV shows Transmission of traditional television stations. The listings also indicate that Amazon plans to build its own version of a television guide. to help viewers navigate new services.

Competing with TV providers has not been easy for other companies. Sony turn off PlayStation Vue earlier this year, citing the slow rate of change in the “highly competitive pay TV industry, with expensive content and network offerings”. (Directed subscribers to sign up for YouTube TV.) That being said, Amazon has annihilation of the industry impulse, have aggressively expanded in all kinds of markets, and would do be the biggest company offering integrated linear and live programming.

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According to Protocol, industry insiders told them, “You must assume they are talking to everyone.”