How does Amed Rosario of the Cleveland Indians fit on the roster? Hey, Hoancey

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Hey, Hoancey: Where does Amed Rosario fit on the Indian roster? – Lim Jones, Youngstown.

Hey, Liam: Well, right now he’s doing a little bit of this and a little bit. He came to camp as a shortstop, went to center field and is now bouncing between the two positions. It feels like he will eventually become a decent center fielder, but it will take time. I think we’ll see him play shortstop against some tough lefties.

He got a pinch-hit single and scored in the opener on Thursday against the Tigers. The Indians need to take his bat in the lineup as much as possible.

Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers

Indian catcher Roberto Perez on Thursday’s opening day against the Tigers in Detroit.Getty Images

Hey, Hoancey: What is the tribe’s early day record since you covered the team? – Tom, Mount Vernon.

Hey, Tom: I burned some calculators trying to figure this out. Ever since I started covering Indians in 1983, they have been 16-23 years old in season openers. So it looks like I’ve been having problems with it all.

Francisco Linder

Mets shortstop f Francisco Linder.A.P.

Hey, Hoancey: Given Francisco Linder’s new contract, how much compensation does the agent get, and when does he get paid? Every year or all ahead? – Spence, Canton.

From Spain: The commission of NFL and NBA agents is limited to 3% on a player’s contract. There is no limit in MLB. The agent’s commission is usually between 4% and 10%. On support deals, the agent can get between 10% and 20%.

Linder just signed a 10-year, 34 341 million deal with the Mets. It was the desire of 1 341 to make it the highest paying shortstop in history. Fernando Tatis recently signed a 14-year, 40 340 million contract with Pedres. Not sure how Linder’s agent David Meter gets paid, but I imagine he’s doing exactly that.

Indian vs. Giants

Goodyear Balpark, Goodyear, spring training home for Indians and Reds in Aries.A.P.

Hey, Hoyansi: I’ve recently relocated from Cleveland to Arizona, and yes, I miss moving into a more progressive field than I can say. So, now that Team Cleveland is back, I understand that Goodyear has its own schedule of training complexes. Who is doing what and is it open to the public? – Greg Benedetto, Cottonwood, Arizona.

Hey, Greg: Fans were not allowed to watch the practice when a large league club was operating at Good Tum Goodyear’s complex this spring due to coronavirus protocol. I would imagine it would be the same for the younger leagues. They will spend most of April there, hopefully, for their Class AA and Class A seasons.

When the Class AA and Class A teams break up the camp to start the season in May, the Indians will have at least one team in their complex.

There is another small group of Indians in an alternative camp in Columbus. They are scheduled to play games on Monday. The class AAA team will come out of that camp.

Cleveland Indians Summer Workouts

Third baseman Nolan Jones is likely to top the Indian farm system.Getty Images

Hey, Hoancey: With the exception of some pitching, is the weak-league system weak among the Indians? He once had the talent of a promising positions player that we expected would make a big difference in the league with players like Lindor, Manny Ramirez, Albert Belle and Jim Thom. Who are the players in the farm system who can help Cleveland? – David Seed, Shaker Heights

Hey, David: The businesses of Trevor Bauer, Corey Kluber, Mike Clevinger and Linder have brought a lot of talent into the system. They have also developed their own talents in players such as Shane Bieber, Zach Placek, Aaron Sivalle, Tristan Mackenzie and James Karinchak. This spring was an upcoming party for minor-league consumers Tyler Freeman, Owen Miller, Gabriel Areas and Ernie Clement. Freeman and Miller were so impressive that they stayed with the Big-League team until they broke up camp on Tuesday.

Lindore and other position players – Ramirez, Belle and Thom have a big gap between what you mentioned. But Indians have the talent to come, have pleasures and pitchers. Their agricultural system is well thought out in the big leagues.

Indians face masks

Various Cleveland Indians today face masks available online. (

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