A jump in gas prices puts 3 gallons

U.S. The prospect of summer drivers filling up on the highway is gaining ground in the price of gasoline, a sign of economic recovery and an epidemic devastation is a boon for the energy industry.

Considering oil recovery and growing consumer demand, gasoline prices at U.S. pumps hit an average of. 88. $ 88 last week, according to AAA. This is about one-third more than last year when fuel consumption was condemned by the epidemic lockdown.

Rising Prices is Vellore Energy Corp. And Philips is an early season gift for fuel producers, including fuel, which, after years of scratching, helped build a year-over-year share of the S&P 500 in the high-performance sector this year. The gap between gasoline and crude-oil futures has recently reached a three-year high of 24 24 a barrel.

In some states drivers already pay more than 3 gallons. In California, the most expensive market, the average price according to AAA is. 88. Drivers in Mississippi, Texas and Ohio, on the other hand, are paying close to $ 2.60. Gas prices fluctuate widely due to factors including tax policies and proximity of pipelines.

Some analysts see further benefits ahead. Prices skyrocket as summer approaches, with millions of Americans heading to vacations and petroleum refineries combine expensive fuels that do not evaporate in the heat.