Monthly Archives: November 2020

Thanksgiving sabotage: ‘Landback’ written on damaged statues

At BF Nelson Park in Mindipolis, the Wyndals damaged the Pioneers statue, spray-painted the words “no thanks,” “more genocide,” “decolonize” and “land back” on it, said Don Somers, spokesman for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. , Told CNN. He said the Pioneers statue had previously been the subject of …

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United Airlines Flying Pfizer CO CO WID-19 vaccine

United Airlines Holdings Inc. began operating charter flights on Friday to deliver Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine to get better conditions after inoculation was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. United Airlines will fly cargo from Brussels Airport to Chicago. (iStock) The United Street Journal reports that United will fly chartered …

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Neanderthals do not use their toes like modern humans

A Neanderthal male and female compositions. Photo: Martin Meissner (A.P.) Analysis of Neanderthal hand bones suggests that these extinct humans have better suited toes for power grips, as precision is the opposite of grip, which may mean they use them differently than our hands. Researchers have found major physical differences …

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