Possible to help the Texans in wide receiver Kenny Steels, but there is a problem

The Cleveland Browns reportedly looked at potentially wide receiver options before the trade deadline and one possible option was Kenny Steels, who forgave the Houston Texans.

The mutual agreement between Texans and Steels, it is definitely worth looking at for the Browns, but the fact that it is subject to an apology makes it possible that they will get nowhere near them. Worst of all, Baltimore Ravens is one of the teams that has been a potential destination for waivers from the Browns.

Steels was acquired alongside Laremy Tunsil in a trade with the Miami Dolphins, as head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien then assembled a track team for his spacious receiver room. The Texans already had Will Fuller and then added Steels, Brandin Cooks and Randall Cobb.

Months In your three months, text people rarely use stills, favoring the other three receivers and a few tight ends, so they agreed to forgive him.

The Stills are a player with great speed and ability to pull the field, which can be valuable in a team like the Browns. Khadrel Hodge, who has six receptions, and Rashard Higgins are currently the Browns’ biggest deepest threat.

The cost of success, the Browns are very low on the priority of forgiveness and will need to pass a significant number of teams before they get a chance. It seems possible, but unlikely.

If somehow the Stulls were to meet the Browns, the receiver could provide on-the-spot assistance and provide the kind of threat the Browns had with players like Breshad Periman or Antonio Calaley in the past two seasons.