Monthly Archives: November 2020

What Exit Polls Say About Georgia Senate State of Influence

Voting is rarely a run-off election, but Georgia is considered an exception, with its next two Senate runoffs in January deciding who controls the Senate. Republicans and Democrats are searching the state for new voters, although CBS News’ exit polls for the general election suggest that neither party has much …

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Catch a full moon (and a divine eclipse) on Monday

Skyworms appreciating the full moon of November will see another treatment: a penumbral eclipse, when the moon passes through the Earth’s outer shadow, Monday, November 30, according to NASA. The moon will be full for only one moment – on Monday, it happens at 4:30 a.m. EST (9:30 UTC) – …

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Yes, our Courtney Cox recreated her ‘F-King’ Turkey Head Dance

It’s the GIF that continues to deliver: Monica Jailer Instant Classic Nov. Dancing with a turkey on her head from the “Friends” episode of 19, 1998. Two decades later, our Courtney Cox went on Instagram to recreate a poetic – and infamous – Turkish dance about Thanksgiving. “Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. …

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