Zeraora’s foray of Pokemon sword and shield was completed thanks to worldwide cooperation

Update 06/23: The goal of the global Max Raid event has been met, and everyone will be able to receive a brilliant Zeraora soon. Well done, Pokemon fans.

Original story: The first DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield, called Isle of Armor, comes out today. To commemorate the launch as part of their Pokemon Presents stream, The Pokemon Company has announced a new Max Raid event. This time, you will be able to fight, but not catch, the Mythical Pokémon Zeraora in a special Max Raid. However, if a million players successfully complete the raid, all players will be able to receive a special shiny Zeraora.

The special Max Raid event will take place from June 17-28. To challenge Zeraora, you will need an internet connection and the latest edition of Wild Area News, which you can download from the Mystery Gift menu. Then, to receive shiny Zeraora, you will need to transfer a Pokémon to your game using Pokémon Home during the event; The brilliant Zeraora will be gifted through the mobile version of Pokemon Home.

In other Pokemon news, The Pokemon Company revealed a new Pokemon Snap game for the Nintendo Switch. Like the 1999 original on Nintendo 64, the Switch game will involve taking photos of Pokémon in various locations.

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