YouTuber Jenna Marbles leaves for black face

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YouTuber Jenna Marbles has announced that she will be leaving the video-sharing site.

In an eleven-minute video, she talks about what she describes as “shameful” content she did in the past.

The 33-year-old apologized for racist and sexist videos, including an impersonation of Nicki Minaj.

The comedian, who has more than 20 million subscribers, says she is “passing” YouTube but doesn’t know if it’s just for now or forever.

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In a tearful video posted on her page, she says it is a time when we are all “purging ourselves of everything and everything toxic.”

“There are a couple of things that people want me to address and apologize for and I’m happy to do,” she says.

After making several old videos private, Jenna tackles three in particular. These include a 2011 black face impersonation of Nicki Minaj.

This is where someone who is generally white paints his darkest face to impersonate someone of a different race.

“I just want to tell you that I didn’t mean to make a black face. It doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that people were offended. It’s embarrassing, it’s horrible. I wish it wasn’t part of my past.” she says.

Jenna is also heading to another 2011 video where she makes derogatory comments about an Asian man and a 2012 video where she describes herself as “embarrassing.”

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While the videos have now been made private, Jenna played clips of them for her followers.

“I complained about the girls running and sleeping and that’s wrong. I had a lot of internal misogyny.”

All of these videos have now been made private. But after years of entertaining subscribers with her content, Jenna says she is no longer having fun.

“For now, I simply cannot exist on this channel. I hope I have removed anything that might bother someone and I hope you know that is not my intention, that is not what I set out to do.

“So I think I’m going to skip this channel for now.”

Jenna says she doesn’t know how long this will last, but she thanked her followers for their support.

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