Your Xbox One external HDD will work on the Xbox Series X immediately

No formatting required

The last few weeks have been rife with riveting Xbox Series X storage stories. First we found out that a proprietary external SSD would be more expensive than that, about half the cost of a console. But, maybe it’s not a big deal as some transfer time tests have revealed that the Xbox Series X is very fast about moving the install from external HDD to internal SSD. Maybe you can manage.

For those planning on the latter option, here’s some good news: The external HDD that you use for your Xbox One will work immediately and automatically on the Xbox Series X. Just unplug it from the old machine and plug it into the new machine. Xbox’s Major Nelson confirmed this on Twitter:

It’s a best-view. There is no required formatting which will require re-downloading everything on the hard drive. It will only work after you plug it in. After that, you are left to juggle the installed locations, but with an extra 20 220 in your pocket.

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