Xbox ‘S’ ‘Lockhart’ series featured in latest Xbox SDK documents

The Xbox “S” series known by its code name “Lockhart” appeared once again, this time in the June 2020 release notes for the Microsoft Game Development Kit.

The security researcher on Twitter known for TitleOS has offered a look at the relevant sections, which refer to Lockhart’s “Profile mode”, along with an Anaconda profile mode, which refers to the most powerful Xbox Series X. Profiles probably refer to graphics levels that developers can target for different specification levels. Lockhart is expected to be around 4TF, targeting 1080p, with Anaconda (Xbox Series X) reaching 12TF. We have verified the authenticity of the screenshots below.

Very little is known about Lockhart, but it is expected to be a newer, fully digital, less powerful, less powerful Xbox, with improved CPU and SSD capabilities on Xbox One X, while being less powerful in the graphics department. . It is expected to be the cheapest next-generation entry-level option, offering users the ability to move forward with new features offered by NVME SSD storage speeds, while achieving a more affordable price.

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The TitleOS information only gives more credit to the fact that this actually exists, at least at this time. Microsoft has canceled products at the last minute in the past, but from conversations with our sources, I know that some developers are already targeting Lockhart’s profile with their games.

When will we see Lockhart revealed? At this point, no one knows, but I hope we won’t see Lockhart until Microsoft is ready to discuss the price. You don’t advertise a “less powerful” Xbox Scarlett console without being able to talk about your unique selling point. We just have to wait and see.