Wyze’s $ 50 outdoor camera has up to six months of battery life

Wyze’s first outdoor camera, the appropriately titled Wyze Cam Outdoor, is a battery-powered, waterproof, Wi-Fi security camera designed for outdoor use. It costs $ 49.99 for an initial package, which includes the camera and a base station, or $ 39.99 for each additional camera. There is also an offline travel mode that allows Cam Outdoor to monitor your hotel room, for example. The camera is available in what Wyze calls “early access” starting today with deliveries scheduled for mid-July. Widespread availability is expected to follow in early August.

Priced at $ 49.99, the Wyze Cam Outdoor is a very affordable outdoor camera, but its specs are comparable to those of more expensive competitors like Amazon’s $ 99 Blink XT2. It records in 1080p, has an advertised battery life of up to six months, and has a speaker and microphone for two-way audio in case you want to talk to someone through the camera. It supports infrared night vision up to 25 feet, has an 8x digital zoom and is IP65 waterproof, which means it will survive rainwater rain but not powerful jet.

The $ 49.99 starter package comes with a single camera and a base station.
Image: Wyze

Like Wyze’s other cameras, the Wyze Cam Outdoor can continuously record to microSD cards or record in the cloud without a paid subscription. With the free version of cloud recording, the camera records up to 12 seconds when it detects motion, and these clips are stored in the cloud for up to 14 days. There is also a cool down period that can be adjusted between one, three, and five minutes.

Shortly after launch, Wyze says the camera will support his paid subscription, available for $ 1.49 per camera, per month. That will remove the 12 second recording restriction and cool down period, but the 14 day limit remains.

In normal use, the camera connects to the Internet through its base station (which connects to your home router via Ethernet) to record, but there is also an offline travel mode where an Internet connection is not required. and a base station. In this mode, the camera emits a Wi-Fi access point, to which your phone can be connected.

As it runs on batteries, the Wyze Cam Outdoor is completely wireless. Magnetically attaches to its bracket, which is then screwed to a wall or … tree. With typical use, Wyze says the camera’s battery should last 3-6 months, and is charged via Micro USB. The battery should allow the camera to continuously record to a microSD card for about 10 hours, Wyze says.

Unfortunately, like the rest of Wyze’s line of cameras, the Wyze Cam Outdoor will not feature human detection for now. The company was forced to remove the feature in January after Apple acquired the artificial intelligence company it partnered with, Xnor.ai. Wyze plans to replace the functionality with an internal version that will be released later this year. She had no news to announce as part of today’s release, but she promised to share more details soon.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is just one of the products that the company announced was in development in February. In addition to the outdoor camera and its internal people-sensing feature, Wyze said she’s also working on the Wyze Band, a portable smart home assistant and activity tracker, and the Wyze Scale, a health-focused smart scale.