WWE’s best star received a TV offer

It seems that Charlotte Flair is gaining interest outside of the WWE bubble as she received a television offer.

Her father Ric Flair shared the news while appearing on The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast. Since entering the business, she has progressed to become WWE’s top star in the women’s division.

In fact, I hope that when you finish your commitments at SummerSlam or whenever, I have no idea when. I know she has a television series watching it and has people who want to work with it, “said Flair. “I hope that she takes all the time she wants so that all these people who can fill their shoes and do that every night have the opportunity and that God bless that thought.”

Flair was asked about the SummerSlam timeline and if she will take time off from the event.

“No, I’m saying that I would assume that she is going to do SummerSlam. I say I hope she goes to the company because she has been actively pursued for a series. I can’t give more than that. And I just hope that she just goes and says, ‘Hey, I want to take some time off.’ Even though WWE appreciates me, and you can write my name every day, fans don’t seem to understand it. “

Flair went on to claim that the people holding back should do it because if he were in his place, that’s exactly what he would do about it. He said if fans are tired of seeing their daughter on WWE television, they can see her at another event. He mentioned how she is a millionaire because of WWE and can do whatever she wants.

This interview appears to have been taped prior to the big news unveiled on Tuesday regarding Charlotte as other excerpts were released prior to the revelation that Flair is taking time off from WWE.

She will do it to do the surgery. There are mixed reports online on how long she’ll be out of action. You can read the latest on her absence here.

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the following player: