Wizards integrate Part 2 details into Rising Darkness

Details for the new Brilliant event in are out Harry Potter: Wizards unite. It’s called “Darkness Rising Brilliant Event Part 2”, and it runs from where Part 1 was left last week, as Harry Potter and other characters in the game refer to it as the “malicious” boom in disaster. It’s part of the Dark Arts-themed month to join Halloween, but it comes at a crucial time Harry Potter: Wizards uniteThe story itself as Harry Potter begins to learn more about how disaster is manipulated.

Harry Potter: Wizards Darkness Rising Part 2 unites the promotional image.  Credit: Nintendo
Harry Potter: Wizards unite Darkness Rising Part 2 Promotional Image. Credit: Nintendo

Darkness Rising Brilliant Event Part 2 in Harry Potter: Wizards unite Will run in the Pacific on Tuesday, October 27th at 11am on Tuesday, October 20th and will feature the following Brilliant Foundables:

  • Borgin – Found in Brilliant Portkiz
  • Bright Dark Witch – Encounter on the map
  • Brilliant Dark Wizard – Encounter on the map
  • Giant Stone Hand – Found in Wizarding Challenges
  • Ominous Mask – Special Assignment Work Award

Nintendo noted in its announcement that the Portkiz 1.5 km for the event. For those with brilliant portfolios that have survived previous events, including Darkness Rising Brilliant Event Part 1, note that this will not reward Borgin. Only Part 2 Portkiz Part 2 will receive the award.

The in-game store will have a free pack featuring:

  • 4 Angels trumpet
  • 6 Banberry
  • 6 bubotuber pus
  • 4 Balbadox juice
  • 2 dragon livers
  • 4 dittni
    2 Armpant Horn
  • 25 Spelling Energy Release
  • 2 Nagdaman

Notably, the return to the base of Darkness Rising Part 1 will include Snatcher and Poacher, who will have the following HP following complaints Harry Potter: Wizards unite The amount of community and spell energy required to defeat these enemies.

Stay tuned for a breakdown of the full works and rewards that will be part of the Darkness Rising Brilliant Event Part 2. Harry Potter: Wizards unite. Nintendo has kept its promise to make these special assignments more player-friendly, and Bleeding Cool will soon make a complete breakdown of these tasks to show the company progress.

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