Wisconsin residents discuss whether the state should require wearing masks in public

UAE CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – Health officials say wearing a face covering is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Some cities and states have begun to establish rules that require masks in public places.

However, Wisconsin is one of the few states that does not have any requirements on the use of face covers.

Some Wisconsin residents say they would appreciate the idea of ​​requiring the use of masks in public places like supermarkets.

“I can see both sides of the discussion, but I think we should be more cautious about trying to prevent the curve from staying still and wearing a mask if you can,” says Chloe Larson of Eau Claire. “I have a mask on me for places that require it.”

“I honestly think it would be beneficial as in buildings with close contact because in grocery stores you can’t get away from people six feet away,” says Jessica Miller of Menomonie.

However, others like Cameron’s Elijah Peterson say they should not be required to wear masks.

“The whole coronavirus in general seems exaggerated. Not a big problem,” says Peterson. “I wouldn’t like it, that’s for sure.”

For some, a mandate on facial masks wouldn’t change much.

“I use it inside anyway, so it doesn’t really affect what I would do,” says Amanda Battaglia of Milwaukee.

Eau Claire City-County Health Department Director Lieske Giese says thinking of wearing a mask as an act of respect for other people, as the mask could prevent asymptomatic people from spreading the virus.

“Just make it something we do so it’s not something weird, but weird if you’re not doing it,” says Giese.

In addition to covering their faces, health officials recommend that people continue to practice social distancing and frequent handwashing.