Will the Big Ten protocols affect the bookies roster in CFP?

Speculation, debate and conversation about the state of Ohio never ends and Letterman Rowe is always ready to dive into the discussions. All week, senior author Aust Stein and Ward Ward It will raise issues about bookies submitted by readers and break anything that is in the minds of the best Damascus fans in the land. There is a question that needs to be faced, such as about Ohio State today, canceling The Game and moving on to the Big Ten Championship? Send inside From here – And check back every day for answers.

There’s never been much more scrutiny about the Legend Football .L playoff system, but having an uneven playing field for four teams would be part of the rude cake.

A CFP spokesman confirmed this Toledo blades Wednesday or the rules of the conference will continue to apply to any teams that make brackets, meaning the state of Ohio will still be subject to the Big Ten’s strict, June rules, for which players who test positive for covid may miss 21 days of action. . Even in a game used to pass crafts to make tough decisions, having different rules for two teams playing on the same field is difficult to do justice to the remote. But at the moment it is a reality because the playoff organizers obviously did not recognize how they both minimized the competition. And The SEC, ACC and Big Ten have not all been using the same standards for the safety of its participants since then.

Now, that could potentially change to the Big Ten level, and there have been some initial discussions over the past few weeks about reducing the return-to-play number, in line with existing CDC recommendations. But at least for the moment, multiple sources have hinted to Letterman Row that Ohio State will wait until next week to have any additional conversations with the conference about the College Ledge Football Play Playoff Protocol – mostly because it will have to beat Northwestern on the first Saturday.

(Note: The Big Ten championship game is scheduled for this weekend. Ohio State apparently had positive tests in the last four weeks in its Illinois travel cancellation program. Players are expected to be out of action again in Indianapolis, although many program sources have suggested that number. Currently Be smaller than he deals with Michigan State. At any rate, Letterman Row will continue to identify individual test results and respect the privacy of players until the availability report is confirmed by Ohio State.)

Ryan Day-Ohio State-Bookies-Ohio State Football

Ohio State coach Ryan Day is looking for a second playoff bid. (Birm / Letterman Row)

“I know he’s being looked at, I know there’s been a lot of talk about him,” Day said last week. “I am Dr. I know Borchers and the Medical Subcommittee and Jean [Smith], Presidents and ADS, that’s all there is to it. Where does it go I’m not sure. But I know it’s a topic of conversation.

“Things change. This is the time where we have all changed. Over time we’ve definitely changed the way people can handle cardiac tests and things like that, everything has changed and it’s advanced. I know he’s taking a look to see if they can fix it. “

The recommendations are yet another factor that has changed since the rules were established, and the Big Ten has begun to show more flexibility in recent weeks. Most notably, the league recognized that it needed defective tiebreakers and minimum-games to compete for the conference title, and it actively voted to change those rules.

Buckeyes, of course, were advantageous of that move. And obviously they are the only program that will be affected by the Big Ten by changing the testing standards for the College Football Playoff. It’s also worth noting that Ohio State’s own doctors are leading the medical charge from the start, as the season was saved, so Borchers may need to present the most current information to league decision-makers, for general understanding. Rules and general good to apply in the playoff field.

Bottom line: The Big Ten protocol will apply to Ohio State if it issues tickets to the Football League Football League playoffs. But the rules of the conference may change, and they will be under discussion for weeks to come.

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