Will Davante Adams get any help from the Packers from WR?

And although he saw his teammates four games, he still finished well ahead of the field, as his 127 goals were 59 more than Aaron Jones ’68, his 83 catches were 34 more than Jones’ 49, and his 997 yards were 520 more than Allen Lazard’s. 477.

According to NFL Research, only the divorced couple of Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown (36 touchdown connections) have more touchdown combinations since 2016 than Rogers with Adams, which stands at 35.

The numbers emphasize the chemistry between Rodgers and Adams. However, the statistics also show how little help Adams has received, which is a nod to his talent and yet another example of the area of ​​need that has remained as constant for Green Bay as the cold winters.

The Packers, who have not selected a wide receiver in the first round since the George W. Bush administration, were one of 10 teams that did not select a wide receiver in the 2020 NFL Draft, according to NFL Research. The signature of veteran Devin Funchess, who missed most of the 2019 season, is the only notable addition to the Pack in reception ranges. Even with the addition of Funchess, a five-year veteran, Adams’ 44 career touchdown sacks are 14 more than the rest of his Packers receiving catchers combined, according to NFL Research.

Currently, it appears that Adams will lead a receiving corps that also includes Lazard, Funchess, Márquez Valdés Scantling, Equanimeous St. Brown, Jake Kumerow, Darrius Shepherd, Reggie Begelton, Malik Taylor and Darrell Stewart Jr. There are some unknown names, some very lengths and some potentials, but as of now there is no production history.

The story remains whether the Packers will find more options for Rodgers, and therefore the dilemma remains whether Green Bay can find some help for Adams, who has so far been highlighted as the Packers’ only outstanding option and one of the best in the NFL