Wild West city for sale for $ 7.5 million – in New Zealand

(CNN) – If the past few months have left you in need of a getaway, this could just be the ticket.

A replica of the Wild West town in rural New Zealand has been put on the market, and if you have $ 7.5 million to spare, it’s yours.

Mellonsfolly Ranch was built with meticulous care detail in 2006, with the intention of resembling 1860 Wyoming. It has a boardwalk, a sheriff’s office, a courthouse that doubles as a movie theater, and even a licensed saloon.

The property, which operates as a hotel and is well hidden in a vast mountainous landscape in central New Zealand, offers buyers a rather unique opportunity to recreate every western movie they have seen, when they are not looking after the guests, is say.

All the features of a western experience are available: billiards, swing doors, wood paneling, and fireplaces, and some lovely, vintage exteriors.

But not everything is fun and games. New Zealand real estate agents, Sotheby’s International Realty, describe the tough day-to-day experience that any potential cowboy would have to endure.

“Summer is for hunting, fishing and swimming in the rivers that make their way through the valleys,” they write in their description of the ranch. “And during the winter, (the owners) benefit from the picturesque ski town of Ohakune and the Mount Ruapehu ski fields.”

Located in rural Ruatiti, in the center of New Zealand’s North Island, the ranch is surrounded by an almost deserted field.

In 2018, New Zealand passed restrictions on foreigners buying houses, to curb house prices. But, being a business rather than a residence, Mellonsfolly Ranch is exempt.

The property has 20 beds and 10 baths, and a manuka honey business next door.
The ranch also has a manuka honey business.

The ranch also has a manuka honey business.

New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty