Why some Americans love about their jaw

Shanyu receives the Covid-19 vaccination dose outside the Cart Family Social Service Center on March 18, 2021 in Loh Angeles, California.

Shanyu receives the Covid-19 vaccination dose outside the Cart Family Social Service Center on March 18, 2021, in Loh Angeles, California.

America has three vaccines approved for distribution, and now people want what they want.

All three prevent covid-19 disease and effectively, hospitalization and death – and health officials say the best vaccine is what you offer.

Still, there seems to be a growing choice for Pfizer and Modern Jobs over Fonson and Johnson’s option.

In early March, Detroit Mayor Mike Douggan denied Johnson and Johnson vaccines for city residents, suggesting that U.S. The other two pockets available in are more excellent.

“I will do everything I can to ensure that Detroit City residents get the best,” he told a news conference.

After widespread outrage by the public health community, the mayor made a face, saying he was “absolutely confident” that the pocket was safe and effective.

But like Mr. Duggan, some Americans have also expressed concern about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and its overall effectiveness rate – although health officials have warned that the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

Some say they’ll delay his vaccination rather than take Johnson and Johnson, potentially throwing the wrench into community health officials ’distribution plans.

“I had an appointment for the vaccine this week, and I canceled it because I heard they were giving to Johnson and Johnson. I’m not taking. [that vaccine] Exactly, “a Washington DC resident told the BBC.

Now, Dr. Mic. Health officials like Michelle Andrasic are trying to convince Americans that it is better to take any authorized vaccine given to them.

“On the one hand, people are excited that there is only one shot [for Johnson & Johnson], And on the other hand, there is a lot of confusion regarding what the results of efficacy really say, and that means it is not so good, ”said senior staff scientist Dr. And.

In February, U.S. regulators formally approved the coronavirus vaccine of single-shoe Johts Johnson and Johnson – the latest to receive the green light.

Unlike the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which use the new mRNA vaccine technology and require two shots, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine uses a common cold virus that is designed to make it harmless.

It then safely carries a portion of the coronavirus’ genetic code into the body. This is enough for the body to recognize the threat and then learn to fight the coronavirus.

President Biden has expressed confidence in the vaccine. This month, he announced that he would order a further 100 million doses of Johnson and Johnson, doubling the amount available to Americans.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said U.S. All of the vaccines available in were good vaccines and Johnson and Johnson insisted when “not a weak vaccine”.

Efficacy data released from clinical trials reduce a variety of concerns – experts say, but those figures don’t seem to be all that great.

Health officials have stressed that the most important statistic to fight the epidemic is that all three vaccines have 100% prevention of hospital admissions and deaths from the virus.

Shows a graphic basic comparison between some of the vaccines available

Shows a graphic basic comparison between some of the vaccines available

Pfizer and Moder’s drugs were tested before new tests, more infectious forms were widespread, which made a difference in the tests.

“They were not compared head-to-head. They were compared in different circumstances,” said Dr. F. Fawcett.

In addition, the CDC explains that all vaccines are more effective than annual flu shots.

“The main thing is that Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer are incredibly effective in preventing the progression of serious disease, hospitalization, ICU or ventilation or death.”

Another positive of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, community health advocates say, is that the U.S. Is the only single vaccine available in.

It can also be more convenient when it comes to distribution – especially in some vulnerable or difficult places like rural areas. But there are concerns that just sending those vaccines to those areas could increase the stigma.

“Equity involves choice,” Dr. And. Says Andresic.

“So, if you have only one option and you are a disadvantaged population, I think the idea of ​​inequality, uncertainty and the question of why we only have this choice is irritating.”

He adds: “I think all vaccines should be available to everyone. I think Johnson and Johnson’s rationale for sending them to the countryside [and poorer] Communities are due to the reach of care. “

Community leaders and health professionals like Dr. Andrasik are working to raise awareness about vaccines and combat misinformation.

While half a million people have died from covid in the U.S., “As soon as it’s my turn, I’ll get the vaccine that’s available to me at the time,” he says.

What are the other concerns?

U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference – The U.S. Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine was also in the news recently after others expressed “moral concerns” with pockets – representing the church in.

The concern is how it is produced with abortion-cell lines – cells taken in the 1980s were “separated from the original embryonic tissue, some of which were derived from the original abortion” – like other vaccines available today.

Johnson and Johnson used a similar method to develop their Ebola vaccine – and no Covid-19 vaccine contains any type of human tissue.

The council advised that Catholics should take an alternative vaccine if given preference.

U.S. The advice given by the conference seems to contradict the Vatican’s own stance, which is that this type of vaccine is “morally acceptable”.

Other Catholic leaders have come out against the idea that church members should avoid the vaccine.

In Connecticut, the Archbishop of Hartford and other local clergy said in a statement that all residents should “feel free to conscientiously end up receiving any of the currently available vaccines” for their own health and general good.

While many other vaccines, such as those used for chicken pox and rubella, were developed in the same way, recent concerns by Catholic leaders for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine have raised suspicions among some Americans.

Johnson and Johnson’s only concern is not the vaccine. Oxford-AstraZeneca – US Authorization – Blood clotting concerns have been suspended in more than a dozen European countries.

The EU’s medicine regulator has since said the vaccine is “safe and effective” and Germany, France, Italy and Spain have said they will resume using the jaw.