Why does Nick Bosa think Javon Kinlaw is perfect for the 49ers defense?

Nick Bosa hasn’t hit the same field as 49ers rookie defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw yet, but he already knows what to expect.

“Oh man, he fits our scheme perfectly,” Bosa said of the South Carolina standout during the State of the 49ers franchise virtual event at 49ers.com.

The 49ers selected Kinlaw with No. 14 overall pick to replace DeForest Buckner, who the club traded to the Indianapolis Colts in March.


Kinlaw officially signed a four-year contract worth about $ 15.5 million on Friday. Due to the cancellation of the league-wide offseason program, Kinlaw has yet to report to the team’s Santa Clara facility or step onto the practice field with defensive line coach Kris Kocurek.

“I know Kris is moving around a bit to get him into the building and get him to do some takeoffs,” Bosa said. “I am so excited to play with the caliber of such a player.

“It will be interesting to see how he collects everything, not being in the building. It looks like it will fit perfectly. She looks like a great boy. “

Bosa said the additional meeting time this offseason via video technology was significant due to the complexities of what Kocurek teaches his defensive linemen. He believes that his familiarity with the system will allow him to build on what he did as a rookie.

Bosa, the No. 2 overall pick in last year’s draft, won the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year last season after posting nine sacks during the regular season and four more in the postseason.

“It’s really helpful to be a year younger because there is a learning curve,” said Bosa. “But once you get it, it’s amazing. But it takes a little time. Now we are going directly to know the technique and improve it ”.

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Kinlaw is expected to step in as an immediate starter in base situations for the 49ers to bolster the team’s interior career defense.

General manager John Lynch said the 49ers felt lucky to go back one place and still select Kinlaw in the draft.

“When we came in, I would say, with the 13th pick, we probably had three guys that we were going to put up with,” Lynch said. “If they were there, we’d be writing them up. When we got to 13, those three were still there. So at that point, we started saying, ‘Wow, let’s try to find a business partner.’ But we don’t want to go too far because Kinlaw it was number 1 on that list. “