What the second new moon in cancer means for your relationships and love horoscope until 2020

We can all have roots and wings … if we are willing to fly.

As is the theme for 2020, we are experiencing another rare and unprecedented event when we welcome in the second New Moon in Cancer on July 20. This opens up the possibility of making changes to our terms, before the universe makes them its own.

The new moons generally follow a particular cycle through each zodiac sign; However, this year, there will be no new moon in Leo, as there is usually in late July and instead we will be honored with another New Moon in Cancer, the first one occurred on June 21st last month.

But this is a Double New Moon: a bookend moon where we have another chance to see the issues that come up for us.

There is absolutely nothing that is random, including astrology, so for us experiencing four moons of cancer in one year is truly the universe, not only calling us home, but giving us the opportunity to make changes to the front of home.

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As we go deeper into this moon, we are likely to continue reflecting on the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn that we experienced just a couple of weeks ago, in which we were asked to reflect on the foundations and structures that we have already laid down. , and those that we hope to create.