What a superhero movie can make

“Wonder Woman 1984.” Gail Gadot Stars as Wonder Woman in

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Can a superhero flick full of nostalgia persuade people to leave their beds and go to the cinemas? “Wonder Woman 1984” seeks to answer that question.

Movie theater owners are hopeful that the cute “Wonder Woman” sequel on Christmas Day, despite the steady rise in coronavirus cases, will lure major populations into theaters.

But the current epidemic is not their only concern. On the same day that “Wonder Woman 1984” debuts on the big screen, it will also be available to stream on HBO Max.

Paul Dergarabedia, a senior media analyst at ComScar, said “Wonder Woman 1984” represents the first test of a simultaneous big screen / small screen release of this intensity title.

There are mixed opinions from analysts on how much the film will perform on domestic box office fees. “Wonder Woman 1984” performed in its international debut last week, amounting to about .538.5 million. The industry’s forecast was below 60 million.

U.S. And given that only 34% of theaters in Canada are open, the film could face more difficulties. It has about 2,000,000 theaters, Comcom reports.

“It’s hard to put a number on its possible early weekend, because there’s really no direct comparative release scenario,” Dargarabadian said, “and the epidemic shutdown for movie theaters didn’t even eclipse in the biggest opening week since mid-March. $ 10 The figure of a million. “

He is referring to DreamWorks’ animated film “The Crude: A New Age”, which was released on Thanksgiving. The opening of any film released during its epidemic was $ 9.7 million. For the full five-day Thanksgiving weekend it was For 14.2 million.

Still, “Wonder Woman 1984.” Is seeking. This movie can persuade people to go to the big screen instead of watching the movie at home.

“We’re seeing ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ being the strongest ticket sales of any movie in the epidemic these days, but I’m cautious about the number of theater closures, audience warnings and more than 10 10 million over the weekend.” Simultaneous streaming release, ” “A figure close to 15 million could be achieved, but there is a big deal to be expected right now,” said Shawn Robbins, chief analyst at Boxxfish.com.

Robins said premium screens like IMX and Dolby Cinema will be some of the high-performance venues for the sequel, as they provide high-quality sound and picture. Private party rentals, where movies rent a theater for a group of up to 20 friends and family members, will also likely generate a healthy share of the box office fees.

In the last five years, Christmas Day has earned at least $ 80 million for a single day on office x office fees. Analysts agree that the figure will not be seen this year.

In non-epidemic times, “Wonder Woman 1984” was able to open between $ 100 million and 150 150 million, said Wedbash analyst Michael Patcher. With many theaters closing, the threat of coronavirus and the threat of film availability on HBO Max, Patcher predicted, and started at 15 15 million and 25 25 million, respectively.

“While many would prefer to stay home on this holiday and watch a movie, fans and families in markets where they are safe and able to do so can turn out in relatively fair numbers, although they are generally far from being for blockbuster superheroes.” Sequel opening at Christmas , ”Robbins said.

Disclosure: Comcast is the parent company of NBC Universal and CNBC. NBC owns Universal DreamWorks Animation.