West Virginia University football coach Vic Koenning is on leave

“I want to thank Kerry Martin for having the courage to bring his concerns to light,” West Virginia athletic director Shane Lyons said in a statement.

“We will not tolerate any form of racism, discrimination or prejudice on our campus, including our sports programs.

“Coach Vic Koenning has been placed on administrative leave with immediate effect, and the department will work with the appropriate parties to conduct a thorough investigation of these allegations. This is serious, and we will act appropriately and in the best interest of our student athletes. “

Michael Fragale, a spokesman for the university’s athletics department, told CNN in an email that Koenning “does not have a statement at this time.”

Koenning called Martin “retarded” for using the wrong technique on the field, he said Tuesday in a lengthy tweet.

“I have family members who are actually suffering from mental illness and that he says that it hurt me because it was an action that we could solve,” wrote Martin.

Martin tweeted other allegations of inappropriate Koenning comments regarding religion, politics and the recent protests that have rocked the country.

“We need a change in our program,” Martin tweeted.

During a charges meeting last season, Koenning spoke about President Donald Trump and how he should “build the wall and keep Hispanics out of the country,” Martin said, adding that there was a Hispanic at that meeting.