“We’re getting closer to the crisis,” says Wisconsin doctor Cutter.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks at a briefing on Oct. 1.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is speaking at a Oct. 1 briefing. NYYC Media

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Covid-19 is 1.5 percent for the city-wide population, which is below the 5 percent threshold. The seven-day rolling average is 1.52%.

The mayor said it was “necessary” to test the affected cluster pin code, adding that “the rest of the city is doing very well.”

The mayor said 10 pin codes are now being verified above 3% – some have a positivity rate that runs above 6%.

The city is also seeing a cluster in Williamsburg Brooklyn that has not yet reached the 3% threshold. In addition to Williamsburg, six other pin-codes are being monitored.

He said about 1,000 city goers were outreach on Wednesday and more than 1,100 tests were performed. After hundreds of business visits, 130 warnings and 16 violations were issued, the mayor said. He added that 160 schools were visited here.

The mayor said the city will continue inspections to determine whether a complete shutdown is necessary in hotspot communities, adding that so far there are no signs of a boom in schools associated with those communities.

Latest City Statistics: The number of people admitted daily to hospitals for Covid-19 in New York City is 75 under the 200 threshold. The confirmed positivity rate for Covid-19 for those patients is 22%

NYC reports at least 394, with a threshold of 550 cases, in terms of newly registered cases on a seven-day average.

Resume school: Along with the chancellor of the city’s schools, the mayor also hailed the success of city officials, union members, staff and families, as he says half a million children pass through the front doors of schools this week.

The mayor encouraged parents to apologize for allowing their children to take monthly tests in schools, adding that testing is set to begin next week.

“Those consent forms have been sent home. We’ll start testing next week.”

He said it’s free, fast and easy, simple and non-aggressive. “Please parents fill out that form and bring them back immediately,” de Blasio said.

“This is a monumental target for our city,” Chancellor Richard Karenza said Thursday.

He added, “We are the only large school district in the entire country to safely open our schools for individual education.”

“This is a tremendous undertaking and would not be possible without every family of employees and all new Yorkers,” Karenza said.