WATCH: Ezekiel Elliott of the Cowboys has high praise for Buffalo Bills BB Josh Allen

There will always be analysts and experts who will find flaws in Josh Allen’s game.

More recently, Michael Lombardi, a former NFL general manager currently with The Athletic, tore up Allen’s game.

“You have a great hole as a quarterback and can he make a difference? The schedule will become more difficult; it will be much more difficult and they will not be taken lightly, “Lombardi said. We won’t talk about Buffalo as a Super Bowl team next year. “

The third-year Buffalo Bills quarterback still has plenty of room for improvement, Allen will be the first to admit this, but he made great strides from the first year to the second. Allen represented 29 total touchdowns in 2019. Only five players recorded more touchdowns last season. Allen also improved his completion percentage from 52.8% to 58.8%, reduced his interception total to single digit (9) and accounted for five return wins.

While some analysts and experts will never be interested in Allen’s game, players have taken notice of his game. The most recent was Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

A user asked Elliott, who appeared on Twitch to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, why Allen has more rushed touchdowns than the Cowboys star in the past two seasons. Elliott’s answer?

“Because Josh Allen is a beast,” said Elliott in response to the question. “That’s why. He’s a beast! How about that answer?

You can see Elliott read and answer the following question.

However, the person who asked the question was slightly wrong with their numbers. Elliott has 18 total rushing touchdowns from 2018-2019, while Allen has 17 rushing touchdowns in that span of time.

Regardless of the math mistake in the person asking Elliott, that’s high praise from the Cowboys running back.

Elliott, of course, witnessed Allen’s “Bestial” Thanksgiving performance at the AT&T Stadium. In the Bills’ 26-15 win over the Cowboys, Allen completed 19 of 24 passes for 231 yards and a touchdown in the air while running for 43 yards and a score on 10 carries.


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