Walmart stops displaying the Mississippi state flag in stores due to images of the Confederate flag

The retailer has stopped displaying the Mississippi state flag, which includes the Confederate battle flag, in stores due to a debate over changing the flag design, Walmart (WMT) he said Tuesday.
The decision comes amid a renewed effort across the country to remove Confederate memorials as the nation grapples with the intertwined legacies of institutionalized racism and police brutality. NASCAR banned the Confederate flag from racing, and the US Navy and Marines. USA They have also moved to ban Confederate display from public display.

“We know that the design of the Mississippi state flag is being discussed by various stakeholders,” Walmart said in a statement to CNN Business. “While the issue continues to be discussed, we have made the decision to remove the Mississippi state flag from display in its current form from our stores.”

While the conversation about changing the Mississippi state flag is not new, a bipartisan group of Mississippi lawmakers is pushing again to remove the Confederate flag emblem.

Several public universities, including the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University, previously stopped raising the controversial state flag. And last week, the city of Gulfport, Mississippi, said it would do the same in a resolution recognizing that the flag is for many “a painful reminder of the past few days of transgressions in this state and that some have also used it as an image. of hatred, division and violence. “
Walmart will no longer display the Mississippi state flag at its stores in the state because it includes the Confederate battle flag.
Walmart said the decision to stop displaying the Mississippi flag is in line with its 2015 policy that ends sales of all merchandise under the Confederate flag.

“We believe it is the right thing to do, and is consistent with Walmart’s position of not selling Confederate flag merchandise from online stores and sites, as part of our commitment to provide a welcoming and inclusive experience for all of our customers in the communities we serve. “the company said.

The company said the policy applies to sales of the Mississippi flag. However, as of Tuesday night, a Mississippi state flag still appeared listed for purchase on the Walmart website. After a CNN Business consultation, Walmart spokesman Lorenzo López said the list would be removed according to policy.

Walmart had 85 locations in Mississippi as of January.