[VIDEO] Psych Movie 2: Premiere Date, Trailer – Peacock Streaming

The west wingCharlie and Toby are together again.

Next months Psychoanalyze sequel, titled Psych 2: Lassie returns home (premiere on Wednesday July 15), Finds Dulé Hill facing off with her former Oval Office cohort Richard Schiff, and the full trailer above offers a first look at the duo’s reunion.

The two-minute promo also features fleeting glimpses of special guests Sarah Chalke, Joel McHale (get details on her top-secret role) and James Roday’s Millions of little things co-star Allison Miller, as well as all of her franchise favorites, notably Timothy Omundson, who plays a much bigger role than in the first Psychoanalyze movie, which was filmed shortly after suffering a stroke.

And of course we also have a preview of Shawn and Gus’ signature interaction, which this time includes these four words: “We are adult men – real pubes. “

As previously revealed by the official logline, Psych 2 finds Lassiter ambushed at work and presumed dead, after which, in a PsychoanalyzeHitchcockian-style, he begins to see impossible events in his recovery clinic. When Shawn and Gus return to Lassie’s side, they are forced to navigate the personal, the professional … and possibly the supernatural.

“This movie is much more emotional than, I think, anything we’ve done, especially in those scenes with Maggie [Lawson] and Tim ”showrunner Steve Franks recently shared about longtime partners on the scene. “When they were doing the scene, there was not a dry eye in the whole room. It was almost as powerful for us as it was for them. “