Valorant Targets Six New Heroes a Year, Riot Says

ValorantHe’s been gone for a few weeks, but Riot doesn’t waste time looking into the future. On Monday, the developer released a video update with executive producer Anna Donlon to let fans know what’s on the horizon for the tactical shooter.

While Donlon did offer many updates to the game, the biggest news was about Riot’s long-term plans to release new Agents and maps. According to Donlon, the current plan is to release a new agent with each act. ValorantThe acts are a bit like seasons in other games, and will last around two months each. This means that there should be around six new agents added to Valorant every year.

ValorantThe calendar will also be separated into Episodes. Each episode will last about six months, which makes sense considering there are three acts per episode. The episodes will give Riot a chance to make bigger changes in Valorant, according to Donlon, including the addition of new mechanics or additional maps. While episodes are where the biggest gameplay changes are likely to occur, Donlon notes that this does not mean that there will be no major iterations and changes during the acts, just that they will probably be less common than the big changes that will always come with new ones. episodes.

In ValorantIn the more immediate future, Donlon let fans know that there are some quality of life changes in the upcoming patches. These changes will include things like first installments, in case a team feels a win is totally out of reach, the ability to remake games, in case something goes wrong as a player goes offline for a few rounds and even waiting times.

As usual with any game update, especially with all ValorantDevelopers who work from home, these deadlines are not set in stone. Donlon mentions that if fans think content is coming too fast or too slow, Riot is willing to adjust the pace.

A preview for the new agent of Valorant's Act 2 Episode 1

Image: Riot Games

As the last Easter egg, Riot even included a sneak peek at the new Agent to come in Act 2. For now, all we have is a silhouette, but if Riot stays on time, we should expect to hear a little more about this Agent. soon, as they should be ready for launch sometime in August.

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