Valorant classified mode tips and tricks guide


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Valorant’s classified mode was officially launched on April 30, beginning in North America and later activating in Europe. After twenty unsorted games, players participating in the closed beta version of Riot Games’ new tactical shooter can start queuing up for matches in competitive mode with a group of five or by themselves.

Unlike Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where there are major differences between its competitive and casual modes, the rules and format of matches in Valorant are basically the same, only with their competitive ranking on the line. For those looking to move up the ranking, here are some really simple tips to remember on your climb to the Valorant rank.

Well-coordinated team communications and team members are vital

Arguably the most important factor in Valorant’s winning games is a cohesive team. Yes, some matches can be won with pure skill and lack of communication, but in ranked mode, you will more than likely end up playing against opponents who have similar abilities. When two teams are equal in capacity, the cohesive team with a stronger composition will be victorious most of the time.

This begins on the agent selection screen, where unrated players often lock into their favorite in seconds. While it is important to play with an agent you are comfortable with, you should consider your team composition in competitive matches. A common core of agents that many professionals and aspiring professionals consider a stable of success is Sage, Vector, Breach and Brimstone.

Valiant Wise Agent Selection Screen

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Sage’s abilities to heal, resurrect, and drown entry points with his slow, wall skills are crucial in defending bomb sites and securing rounds after the plant. The vector is essential to collect information on the map and avoid flanks. Breach is a solid starter that can take a team to a site with its flash and shock wall loads. Brimstone’s smoke charges and benefits make it very useful for offense or defense.

Your fifth must conform to the style of play with which your team wants to compete. Aggressive and fast teams would prosper with Phoenix or Jett. Slower, more tactical approaches may be compatible with Omen or Sova. Viper can also be used to drown defense innings and help push offense, while Raze still deals a lot of damage even after his nerf.

Selected sulfur agent in Valorant

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But even well-composed teams can falter with poor communication. Being able to distinguish thrusts, rotations, defenses and any other useful information from the enemy is what separates dominant wins from sloping losses. If you don’t usually communicate with a microphone in multiplayer games, you should consider doing so for Valorant.

Take care of your money and your angles

Valorant has obviously attracted many fans of CS: GO, but now all players with closed beta access are familiar with Valve Shooter’s budget system. Players earn cash each round to purchase armor, weapons, and abilities. Valorant provides a small tool for those who are not familiar by denoting the minimum amount of money the player will have in the next round.

Valuating purchase menu

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For a full armor and the Vandal or Phantom rifle, you must have 3900 credits. Players will need approximately another 600 credits to earn a full stack of skills, but unlike weapons and armor, those won’t disappear if you die in the previous round.

If you don’t have your skills during a round, or if you’re still learning them, the smartest advice you can take is to learn how to keep angles. In defense and offense, this involves tackling the act of taking sites or holding sites with different angles each round to keep your opponents guessing. Also, try to get away from the corners (if you can) when you look, as you will be able to see your opponents for the first time. One of Riot’s API developers explains in a tweet:

With a little basic communication, a properly built team of agents, and some simple knowledge on how to maintain angles and when to buy, moving up to the Valorant rank shouldn’t be a problem.

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