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Wright announces the MMO League of Accidental Legends

Illustration of the article titled Image: Riot games League of Legends Fans who want to enjoy the universe But don’t keep playing the same game until you’re dead, you’re in luck. The rioters just announced the conceptually new MMO set in the game universe. In this tweet exchange, Wright V.P. …

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Release times announced for game rated ‘Valorant’

No more false starts, you can finally play Ranked at Valorant in just a few hours. Riot games After it was initially expected to be released alongside patch 1.02 yesterday, and then delayed due to a bug in the game breakup, Riot Games has now announced when the game is …

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Valorant classified mode tips and tricks guide

[ad_1] Riot games Valorant’s classified mode was officially launched on April 30, beginning in North America and later activating in Europe. After twenty unsorted games, players participating in the closed beta version of Riot Games’ new tactical shooter can start queuing up for matches in competitive mode with a group …

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