USC Vs. Oregon’s score, takeaways: Ducks beat No. 13 Trojan to win second-seeded Pack-12 title

The journey to get there was wildly unconventional, but Reg Rego captured his second straight Pack-12 championship on Friday night, winning 31-24 in the second late rally from the USC. U.S.C. To his credit, the team entered 5-0 with a last-minute winning trio, but the Trojans could not quite get out of the hole early in the 14-0 start, despite another 14-26 comeback effort.

The USC held back the football trail until seven late in the fourth quarter, but Caden Slovis’ third interruption of the night proved costly. U.S.C. To avoid the pressure of less than three minutes out of the quarterback’s pocket, he set aside the Oregon region instead of throwing the football away. After an early run in football, Oregon’s Jamal Hill managed to get the ball under control and tap his toe for an obstacle when the heroic effort backfired.

Then, after transferring Brown to the quarterback of the Boston transfer ledge quarterback, Reg Reagan got the first down, which put Ducks down the clock in the U.S.C. Allowed to run before hitting back on. But with the expiration of the Trojan’s last destructive efforts, no results were found.

This was the title matchup of the conference which was predicted in the league’s preseason media poll. But Oregon didn’t really have to be here. Instead, Washington (3-1) represented Pack-12 North in the title game. However, Reg Reagan was allowed second place when the Huck Keys faced COVID-19 issues to stop them from playing.

The DX AP ranked 9th in the top 25 polls in recent weeks before the possibility of making any noise on the national scene before the continued damage to O Reagan State and Cologne was eliminated. However, O Rego had overcome the odds of that defeat in the past, as it came out glowing on Friday. The Ducks paired the Slovis with two touchdowns in the first quarter as the Ducks took a 14-0 lead.

Although USC fought three times inside the touchdown again, the Trojan never came close. After a brief season of late-game heroes, their clutch magic is finally over.

The depth depth of the duck on the QB is a factor

Brown did not play in the first five games of the Ducks entering Friday night, but he did enter and try his first pass at the big moment in the first quarter. Cornback Kodomodor Lenoir lined up Oregon in the USC’s 10-yard line with a disruption in the USC’s first series. Ducks faced a third and a goal when Brown checked to start quarterback Tyler Shuff to hit Oxon-0-0 to give Jaylon Redd a touchdown to lead. Brown also threw a short touchdown pass in the third quarter that capped a 14-play drive to put Oregon 28-14. Although Brown attempted only four passes compared to Schuff’s 15, his presence as a second quarterback in the game was impressive and something not seen on tape by the Trojans.

It wasn’t the only time the Reagan backup had an impact on quarterbacks. Kelly Millen, the redshirt freshman who is not included in the Ducks ’top three quarterbacks, played on special teams and handled kickoff coverage during the second quarter.

Thibodeaux shines

Oregon sophomore defensive end Cavon Thibodeaux won the MVP award of the game. It came wide at the end of the third quarter when USCA-17 left behind 28-17 after recovering a side kick. It appears that the Trojans stole the pace of the game with bold special teams playing. But then Thebodex beat Slovis in third place for a nine-yard loss to the U.S.C. Forced Punt to return to control of the game in favor of Oregon. Thibodeaux finished with a total of five tackles and passed with constant pressure on Slovis’ face. He will be a major factor in 2021 and among the country’s top defensive players.