UFC cuts off Aztec for violating ‘Fight Island’ safety protocol

UFC Ottoman Azaitar has been released by the U.S. for violating the Covid-19 safety protocol on “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi.

Azair decided to fight Matt Frevola at UFC 257 on Saturday, but could not make it into Friday’s official weight-ins. The cause was not known until the UFC made the announcement until the exciter was aware of recent violations of the included health and safety protocols.

UFC President Dana White MMA told Farah Hannan of Junkie That Azaitar was cut off for his actions and gave details of what happened.

“He and his team cut their wrist planks and found outsiders, one person,” White said. “This guy went inside the bubble, went inside a room, put up four balconies, went inside (the escalator) to the balcony, and dropped a bag we don’t know about. Then he changed his clothes and went out of the bubble. We got everything on camera me, we saw the whole thing and how it came down, pulled his fight and cut it. “

The UFC confirmed that Eziter was removed from the safety zone on “Fight Island”.

The 30-year-old Exeter is unbeaten 13-0 overall. That UFC. Ma went on to make a vague start, when in his first two fights with the promotion, he hit a back-to-back knockout in the first round of Peclain and Khama Warthy, which took place later last September.