U.S. to close near SpaceX 2020 The military wins the satellite star launch agreement

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 workhorse rocket launches new US િયન 150 million The military has got a launch deal, which has closed a wonderfully successful year.

The agreement, announced by the Department of Defense (DOD) Space Development Agency (SDA) on December 31, states that SpaceX will launch 28 transport and tracking layer (TTL) satellites on two Falcon 9 rockets in the seven months to September 2022. And March 2023. If things go according to plan, the two launches will orbit the full “Trench 0” satellite constellation expected by SDA, an extremely rare fast-moving capability for US military agencies and field solutions that are both affordable and affordable. Effective.

If successful, Revolution 0 U.S. The global network of communications satellites and missile detection satellites capable of delivering “warning, tracking and target” data to the military anywhere on Earth will provide satellite constellations.

SpaceX has closed a Halseyon year by winning another 150 150 million launch contract. (SpaceX)

Curiously, the SDA’s decision came at the same time as repeated protests by Rathion. Work on eight of the 28 satellites has stalled SpaceX is now set to launch – four of which SpaceX itself won 14 149 million for design and construction. Known as the tracking layer of Trench 0, SDAA signed an agreement with SpaceX and L3 Harris (193 193 million) on October 7, 2020 to build four missile warning satellites. The award was SpaceX’s first ever satellite production contract, instead awarding the company a U.S. contract. The millionaire dollar market for civilian and military spacecraft was quietly chattering.

The SDA eventually leaned against Raytheon’s opposition and announced plans to “re-evaluate” the decision to award the tracking layer agreement to SpaceX and L3 Harris, but the agency says it will not allow new bids. In other words, unless the SDA finds any error in its original decision-making process, the odds are slim that the opposition will change the outcome. In the meantime, however, the protest means that SpaceX and L3 Harris are legally required to suspend all work on their respective satellite development agreements until a re-evaluation by the SDA is completed.

Next SpaceX knows nothing about the four satellites for construction for the U.S. military, but it is safe to say that it will build off from Starlink. (SpaceX)

Months earlier, the SDA had contracted Lockheed Martin (7 187.5 M) and York Space Systems (M 94 M) to deliver ten “transport layer” satellites. Trench 0 Transport Layer, Tracking Layer Missile Warning Alerts are designed to use laser interlinks to safely route almost anywhere on Earth, while also providing some general purpose communications capabilities.

After all, the company is one of the tracking layer satellite production contracts in opposition to Raytheon, SpaceX now guarantees to launch it.

U.S. to close near SpaceX 2020 The military wins the satellite star launch agreement