U.S. The number of coronavirus cases is close to six million: live news | News of the coronavirus epidemic

Hello and welcome to Al Jazeera’s ongoing coverage of the coronavirus epidemic. I am Ted Regency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • The total number of coronavirus cases in the United States is close to six million, with states including Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota reporting daily records. The disease has killed more than 183,000 people, according to Johns Hopkins University.

  • According to university figures, the number of cases globally has reached about 25.1 million, with more than 844,000 deaths. More than 16.5 million have been recovered

  • New Zealand has made face masks mandatory because it eases coronavirus restrictions in Auckland that were imposed after a sudden spike in cases.

Here are the latest updates:

Monday, 31 August Gust

05:00 GMT – Thailand reports single coronavirus case, no new casualties

Thailand’s Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration reported on Monday that a British woman tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the country’s total infection to 3,412.

The 29-year-old language teacher arrived in Bangkok on August 15, along with her husband and their child, the agency said. All were placed under quarantine after their arrival.

No new deaths were reported on Monday, with the death toll at 58.

04:36 GMT – India’s coronavirus cases have increased by ..62૨ million

On Monday, India reported 78,512 new novel coronavirus infections, less than 200 compared to the country’s record number of daily cases the previous day.

India now has a total of 62.622 million cases behind the United States and Brazil. According to Johns Hopkins University, it has the third highest casualty rate of 64,400.

04:10 GMT – Thousands arrested in China for epidemic-related crimes

China’s state prosecutor’s office reports that about 5,800 people have been arrested during the epidemic for killing health workers, selling defective medical devices and committing false crimes related to their travel history.

According to the AFP news agency, a shopkeeper was involved in a case in which another customer was killed, who reminded him to wear a mask in the supermarket.

“From January to July, 5,797 people were arrested and 6,755 were prosecuted,” the Supreme People’s Proctor said.

Other cases include alleged embezzlement of a health inspector and stabbing.

03:42 GMT – 610 new COVID-19 cases have been reported in Germany

As of Monday, a total of 610 new cases had been reported at the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, which monitors infectious diseases in the country, with a total of more than 225,000.

The death toll from the previous day has risen to 9,298 in three deaths.

03:25 GMT – The U.S. has approved emergency approval of the COVID-19 vaccine. Eyes

U.S. The head of the Food and Drug Administration, Stephen Hahn, has raised the possibility of an emergency approval for the development of coronavirus vaccines in the country even before the trial is over.

“If they do it before the end of Phase Three, which involves large-scale human testing, we think it’s appropriate,” Hahn told the Financial Times.

But the move has been criticized as pushing for the Trump administration to push ahead with vaccine production ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

He said, “This will be a decision of science, medicine, data. This will not be a political decision.”

U.S. Nearly six million cases and 183,000 deaths have been reported in, with criticism and questions being raised by the Trump administration over its handling of the deadly epidemic.

03:01 GMT – Greece’s coronavirus cases exceed 10,000

Greek health officials report that the number of coronavirus cases in the country has risen to more than 10,000, with only half reported in August.

At least 157 new cases were reported on Sunday, including 41 from abroad.

Greece also had two more deaths, taking the country’s total to 262

02:45 GMT – Nearly half a million sign up for free COVI-19 testing in Hong Kong

Despite the call for a boycott, more than 50,000 Hong Kong residents have registered for a free universal coronavirus test, which is set to begin on Tuesday, Hong Kong officials said.

According to the government’s website, at least 80 community testing centers have been fully booked since the online booking system was launched.

The Hong Kong government initially set a seven-day trial period, although it did not set a test target for its 7.5 million inhabitants.

02:10 GMT – China registers 17 new coronavirus cases

Beijing, China

All 17 coronavirus cases reported on Monday were imported and no additional deaths were reported [Ng Han Guan/AP]

China’s National Health Commission reported at least 17 new coronavirus cases – all imported – by the end of Monday.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the total number of imported cases is 2,499.

There were no reported deaths in the mainland, totaling 6,344. Most 85,048 Kovid-19 patients in China have recovered.

01:45 GMT – South Korea has reduced the number of new cases

The number of new coronavirus cases per day in South Korea fell below 300 for the second day in a row on Monday, the Yonhap News Agency reported, citing Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The KCDC said 248 new COVD-19 cases, including 238 local infections, have been reported in the country, the KCDC said. Which is down from the 299 cases reported on Sunday.

More than one patient died from the novel coronavirus, bringing the death toll to 324. About 15,000 cases have fully recovered.

01:30 GMT – Australia Victoria, Australia has reported the lowest number of infections since July 3

Australia The state of Victoria in Australia reported 73 new coronavirus cases on Monday, the lowest total since July.

The number of deaths in the state has also increased by 1, including 22 cases of elder care facility, which have been reported with delay.

Meanwhile, New South Wales raised its health alerts in some areas after a cluster of infections. Seven new cases were reported on Sunday.

Australia There are more than 24,000 reported cases in Australia, of which at least 3,100 are active. At least 652 people have been reported dead.

01:05 GMT – Mexico’s coronavirus death toll exceeds 64,000

Mexico has confirmed 4,129 new coronavirus infections and 339 additional deaths, bringing the total number of cases to 595,841 and 64,158 deaths.

However, the number of cases and deaths is on a downward trend, according to health ministry figures, although the government has long acknowledged that the actual number of infections may be higher than the number reported.

Mexico - Coronavirus

Despite the threat of a coronavirus outbreak, anti-government protesters gathered in Mexico City on Sunday to demand the resignation of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. [Eduardo Verdugo/AP]

00:30 GMT – New Zealand will ease restrictions for Clanders

New Zealand has eased coronavirus restrictions in the city of Caledonia and made the use of face masks mandatory.

The New Zealand Herald reported that many city residents had “returned to the city’s airport” to take advantage of the travel opportunity.

More than 1,700 cases and 22 deaths from coronavirus have been reported in New Zealand.

00:15 GMT – US No. Some states report COVID-19 case records daily

The total number of coronavirus cases in the United States is close to six million, with states including Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota reporting daily records.

The disease has killed more than 183,000 people, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Meanwhile, a record number of COVID-19s have been admitted to hospitals in the U.S. states of Montana and Idaho, according to reports.

In an interview with CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday, former Food and Drug Administration commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said the trend is worrying.

00:01 GMT – 566 new deaths and more than 16,000 new cases have been reported in Brazil

Brazil’s health ministry has reported 566 additional coronavirus deaths and 16,158 new cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the country’s death toll to 120,828 with a total of 3,862,311 infections.

The number of deaths and new cases by the end of Sunday was significantly lower than the previous day, which may be due to the delay in reporting by the state government or the overall continuous downward trend.

The country has the second highest number of deaths and infections. According to Johns Hopkins University, it has the highest recovery rate of ૨ 5 million.


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