U.S. Measures needed to reduce UK coronavirus variants, top health experts say

Following the news that the UK’s coronavirus strain has now been found in California and Colorado, top health experts are emphasizing the need for measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus B.1.1.7. COVID-19 is said to be more transmissible, but is not thought to be more viral or resistant to vaccines and treatments.

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Gavin News, California’s governor, announced Wednesday that a new strain of coronavirus has been found in Southern California. Meanwhile, after the confirmed variant case, Colorado authorities are investigating another “very suspicious”, but so far no confirmed case of a coronavirus variant potentially found in another Covid-19-positive patient has been confirmed.

U.S. on Thursday. Surgeon General Jerome Adams assured Americans that the recently approved coronavirus vaccine seems to be effective against new strains, though he urged caution before the New Year’s Eve holiday.

“You should have no worries and understand that the vaccines still seem to work,” Adams told ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​co-hosts. “I spoke with Dr. Collins and Dr. Fausie as recently as yesterday. But the more contagious variant means that the more serious we take those basic public health measures, especially this New Year, the more serious they are. “

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Also, the medical contributor to Fox News, Dr. Nicole Spear said the new infectious strain would be more difficult to control, although she noted that there was already an uncontrolled virus outbreak.

“Ultimately this means that the virus can be a little difficult to control but we already have uncontrolled spread, so we have to keep wearing masks, keep physical distance and encourage people to get vaccinated,” Sapphire said. Friends first “co-host on Thursday.

Morgan Phillips and Alexandria Hayne of Fox News contributed to this report.