U.S. Bettors put more money on Tiger Woods to win the Open at 40-1 odds

Dustin Johnson prefers betting to win this week’s US Open at Winged Foot Golf Club, but some popular giants are attracting significant strides in sportsbooks around the US.

More money is being wagered on Tiger Woods to win the tournament than any other golfer in the William Hill Sportsbook, while Phil Mickelson has attracted the biggest bet.

As of Tuesday night, 18% of the money earned on the tournament winner was at Woods, which is listed at 40-1. Johnson is a favorite at 17-2, followed by John Rehm (10-1), Xander Schaufel (14-1) and Justin Thomas (14-1).

Mickelson is at the bottom of the odds board, but there are some believers on the left who have never won the US Open. Last week, an enemy placed a -1 45,000 bet on Mickelson to win the tournament with a 75-1 hurdle at the William Hill Sportsbook in Southern Nevada. If Mickelson wins, the bettor will win a net $ 3.375 million.

The bet represents the second-largest responsibility on an individual golf beat in the history of William Hill in the US, with Woods trailing just ડો 100,000 last year to win all four major tournaments in 100-1 hurdles.

Mickelson won the 2006 U.S. Open at Winged Foot. Open had a 1-shot lead at No. 18, but then doubled and lost by 1. He joked about a big bet on them on Twitter.

Only Schaufel attracted more bets to win the tournament than Mickelson at the Westgate Superbook in Las Vegas.

“Phil is our biggest responsibility,” said Jeff Sharma, vice president of risk management at Superbook.

Sherman said Woods invested a lot of money but not a lot of money. “It’s a positive situation for us, which is rare for big people,” Sherman added.

In Fanduel’s sportsbook, Woods attracted more bats to miss cuts than any other golfer.