U.S.A. executes Louisiana truck driver Alfred Bourgeois for killing 2-year-old daughter

The Trump administration continued a series of post-election federal executions on Friday, killing a Louisiana truck driver who had abused his 2-year-old daughter for weeks in 2002, then stabbed her to death in front of a truck window. And dashboard.

The 56-year-old bourgeoisie was pronounced dead at 21.11 pm after receiving a lethal injection in the federal prison of Terry Houten, Indiana.

His lawyers argued that the bourgeoisie had an IQ that placed him in an intellectually disabled class, saying he should be disqualified for the death penalty under federal law. Victor J. Abre said it was “shameful” to run his client “without reasonable consideration of his intellectual disability.” “

Bourgeois was the 10th federal death row inmate after the federal execution Resumed under the presidency of President Trump After a 17-year hiatus in July. He was another federal prisoner Execution this week, Three more executions are planned in January.

On Friday the bourgeoisie met with his spiritual adviser as he sought to join the prospect of death, one of his lawyers, Shannon Nolan, told the Associated Press just hours before the death sentence.

“He definitely doesn’t want to die – and it’s hard to catch him being killed by the federal government,” Nola said. “But he finds that this is bad.”

“He’s praying for salvation,” Nola added.

Federal Execution
This June 27, 2020 photo, provided by the News County Sheriff’s Office Fees in Corpus Christi, Texas, shows Alfred Bourgeois.

A.P. By Nevis County Sheriff’s Office Fees

The bourgeoisie drew in prison, including representations from members of its legal team. Nola said he has not been troubled by the death penalty and has a record of good discipline.

With President Grover Cleveland presiding over 14 in 1896, the number of federal deaths in a single year was in double digits.

The series of executions under Mr. Trump since Election Day is also the first in more than 130 years when federal executions have been carried out during the lame-period period. Cleveland was also the last president to do so.

Lawyers for the bourgeoisie argue that President-elect J. Biden has been deprived of his right to terminate his legitimate options in the apparent haste of the death sentence handed down by Mr. Trump before the January 20 sentencing.

The Justice Department gave the bourgeoisie only 21 days’ notice, which was to be executed under protocol, with the required notice period reduced to 90 days.

“It’s remarkable. There’s no point in running these executions during epidemics and all other things.” He said.

A number of appellate courts have concluded that the lawsuit was not substantiated by the bourgeois legal team’s evidence of intellectual disability or criminal law.

On thursday Brandon Bernard was pronounced dead Todd and Stacey Bugley were kidnapped and robbed in Texas in 1999 by him and other teenage gang members for participating in the murder of an Iowa couple. Bernard was 18 at the time of the murder, a rare execution of a man in his teens when he was raped.

Many high-profile figures, including reality TV star Kim Kardashian West, appealed to Mr. Trump to bring Bernard’s sentence to life in prison, among other things, Bernard’s youth at the time and the regrets he had expressed over the years.

In the case of the bourgeoisie, the crimes come out to be particularly brutal because they involve their young daughter.

According to the court filing, he obtained temporary custody of the child, who was only named “J.G.” in court papers after the Texas woman’s 2002 paternity claim. As mentioned. Bourgeois lived in Louisiana with his wife and their two children.

The following month, the bourgeoisie beat the young woman with an electric cord, burned her legs with a cigarette lighter, and hit her in the head with a plastic baseball bat, causing her head to swell, then refused medical treatment, court documents say. The plaintiff also said he sexually abused her.

Her toilet training reportedly angered the bourgeoisie and sometimes forced her to sleep on the training toilet.

It was during a truck going to Corpus Christi, Texas, that he killed a toddler. Outraged by his toilet training again, he grabbed him by the shoulder inside the truck and hung his head four times on the windows and dashboard, the court heard.

When the young woman’s senses were blown, the bourgeoisie’s wife called for help and said she had to tell the first responders that she had fallen from the truck and was injured. He died the next day at a hospital with a brain injury.

Following his 2004 sentencing, a judge dismissed claims of his alleged intellectual disability, noting that a diagnosis had not been made until the death sentence was handed down.

“Up to this point, the bourgeoisie has lived a life that, in a broad outline, does not show complete intellectual defects,” the court said.

Prosecutors argued that the discovery was based on a misconception about this type of disability. They said the bourgeoisie had conducted tests that showed its IQ was around 70, even lower than average, and that a history of childhood had suppressed their claims.

Norla said the bourgeoisie’s lawyers did not argue that he should be acquitted or given a harsh sentence, Nola said.