Two new cases of community transmission reported

Two new cases of community transmission reported |

PORT ANGELES – Allison Berry-Unthank County Health Officer reported two new positive cases of Covid-19 on Friday. Both cases appear to have been by community transmission.

The new cases are a woman in her 50s and a woman in her 20s. One of them is a health worker. Both are recovering at home. The total number of cases in our county is 35 with no deaths.

Unthank addressed the question of when Clallam County will request Phase 3 of the Governor’s Safe Start Plan.

“The Health Board will meet on Tuesday to discuss whether or not we will advance to phase 3. I still don’t know if we will or not. It seems likely that we as a county will meet state metrics to move forward. The question will be: Is it a smart move to go to phase 3 while the rest of the state is seeing a significant increase in engagement? And so we will discuss that as a group at the Health Board meeting and make a decision together about whether or not to move to stage 3 right now, in whole or in part. ”

The states of the counties more or less adjacent to Clallam County are: Mason, Grays Harbor and Island Counties, all of which are in Phase 3. Kitsap County has applied for Phase 3 and is under review. Jefferson has not yet applied for Phase 3.


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