Twitter wants ‘SNL.’ On Jeff Goldblum becomes ‘The Fly’

It’s a Goldblum opportunity.

Jeff Goldblum’s re-release of “The Fly” on “Saturday Night Live” after the viral “bug” tragedy during the Vice President’s debate on Wednesday night is booming to the public.

She immediately started casting a call after seeing a fly on Vice President Mike Pence’s hair, when he called the Democratic VP. Candidate Kamala was juggling with Harris, who obscured Twitter with insect-related memes and jokes.

“We need Jeff Goldblum to rekindle his role as ‘The Fly’ on SNL.” Comedian Natalia Ray-Gunn tweeted. She was referring to the 1986 sci-fi flick “The Fly” in which Goldblum plays a creepy scientist who accidentally turns himself into a winged insect-human hybrid.

“If SNL doesn’t get Jeff Goldblum to play Fly in this week’s episode, they’re missing out on a huge opportunity.” Second is actress Lauren Ash.

Jeff Goldblum in 1986
1986’s “The Fly.” In Jeff Goldblum20th Century Fox / Everett Collection

Sitcom Actor-cum-Ranchi Comic Bob Sedget also jumped from the inside, Tweet: “Fly just got a show on Netflix. Jeff Goldblum to voice. ”

I think we can all agree on tonight’s winner # Vpdebate It was Jeff Goldblum, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Quid satirical Randy Rainbow of Fly Fiasco.

Meanwhile, “Joy” actor Darren Chris He joked that he “didn’t like Fly so much.” [director of ‘The Fly’] Jeff turned Goldblum into one. “

In the midst of a tsunami of Twitter jokes about the spoiled incident, there have been hilarious requests, with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeting, “p 5 pitch to help this campaign fly!” Kentucky Senator Rand Paul joked This insect sent by the “deep state” to spy on Pence is literally mistaken.

“SNL.” Any plans to appear on the post have reached the representative for the star “Jurassic Park” In the meantime, “The Fly” fans can catch the Cronenburg Classic on Hulu, Stars, Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes and more.