TSN’s Dan O’Toole’s daughter found herself safe after disappearing

Canadian sportscaster Dan O’Toole announced that his 1-month-old daughter, Oakland, is safe hours after revealing she went missing Thursday night.

“My baby Oakland has been found and is said to be safe,” he wrote on Twitter. “The police informed me at 12:07 am. I have not yet seen or retained Oakland. For those who have decided to attack me out of fear for the safety of my daughters, I don’t know what to say. “

The good news came after O’Toole, 44, a former Fox Sports personality and current TSN anchor, posted a photo of Oakland with a plea later Thursday night.

“My baby Oakland. I pray that whoever has you will hug you. Whoever has taken you away from me is protecting you, “she wrote on Instagram.” That nevertheless [sic] have you, let’s go back to my arms. I love you Oakland. I can’t wait for a day to hug you again. My heart is broken. I’m broken.

“To be clear, Oakland is alive, we believe. But we don’t know. I have a one-month-old son and I don’t know where he is. “

He later claimed that his “amazing ex-wife Corrie has nothing to do with this. Please leave her alone. Comments on the initial Instagram post were later disabled.

Although Oakland was found safe, the experience clearly hurt O’Toole.

“For those who decided to hit me during this test, tell me this: Have you ever looked into your children’s eyes and been unable to tell them where your sister is or when they will see her again?” he wrote. “We are still broken. We may never be repaired again.

O’Toole, who has two other daughters, welcomed Oakland to the family in late May.