Trump’s successor? Pence rehearses, lays groundwork for 2024 runs

WASHINGTON (AP) – When former President Donald Trump was asked for a list of future Republican Party leaders, he turned to Florida Govt. In-depth preparation of names including Ron Descentis and Sense, Josh Haley Wali and Ted Cruz. Clearly absent from the list: Mike Pence.

The former vice president is fast entering public life in view of a potential run for the White House in 2024. He is joining Rs 1 billion organizations, writing op-eds, giving speeches and launching an advocacy group that will focus on promoting the Trump administration’s achievements.

But Trump’s reluctance to mention Pence during a podcast interview earlier this month hints at the former vice president’s unique challenge. For those of Trump’s most staunch supporters who have built a reputation, Pence is now viewed with skepticism by many Republicans for fulfilling his constitutional duty in January to facilitate a peaceful transfer of power to the Biden administration, a decision that is still haunting Trump.

To win the Republican presidential primary, Pence may have to strengthen his loyalty to Trump during the last days of the administration when the president deceives widespread voters with false accusations., U.S. Contributing to the deadly storms at the Capitol. If anyone can achieve this awkward balance, some Republicans say, it’s Pence.

Reports Republican strategist Alice Stewart, backed by Pence, said, “Anyone who pulls back Ted Cruz and becomes Donald Trump’s vice presidential candidate shouldn’t count.” “She has a way of splitting hair and drawing needles that has paid off in the past.”

Pence aides usually close the discussion of the next presidential election. While Republicans are in a good position to win at least one chamber congressional seat, they insist they focus on his family and next year’s midterm elections. Allies argue that, over time, anger subsides.

“I think 207 is a long way off and if Mike Pence runs for president he will appeal to the Republican base in a way that makes him a strong contender,” said Republican Rip. Jim Banco is chairman of the Conservative Republican Studies Committee, he said. And Pence has already backed the 2024 run. “If and when Mike Pence goes back to the plate, I think he’ll have a huge appeal among Republicans across the country.”

Pence declined to comment for the story. For their part, Trump aides have warned against reading too little during podcast interviews.

That was not the only list, said Trump adviser Jason Miller. However, Trump continued to ridicule Pence in interviews, falsely claiming that Pence has the right to unilaterally overturn election results., Although it did not.

Trump has not said whether he will rediscover the White House in 2024. If not, other Republicans are making it clear they will not equip the Pence race. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, for example, is already visiting important states Iowa and New Hampshire.

Since leaving office in January, Pence, who served as governor of Indiana and a member of Congress, has had a low profile before being taped as Trump’s running mate. He has built a portfolio with a view to maintaining influence, paying bills and the basis for the expected presidency.

He has partnered with the Rousseau Heritage Foundation and, according to two people familiar with the discussion, has also been discussed as a potential president of the organization. He has joined the Young America Foundation and the Bureau of Top Speakers, wrote an op-ed for the Daily Signal in which he lied about the 2020 election and recently visited a Christian relief organization in North Carolina. He will make his first public speech Another crucial primary state, the Palmetto Family Council’s annual fundraiser in South Carolina, is due to retire next month.

Pence has also discussed writing a book that, according to aides, is in constant conversation with his evangelical colleagues, and plans to spend two more years helping Republican candidates try to claim a House and Senate majority in 2022. Supporting and allied parties say they will be given a platform to defend the record of the Trump administration and reverse the policies of the current president, as it seeks to merge the traditional Rs serv movement with Trumpism.

“It’s doing what needs to be done to lay the foundation in the event of setting up a research committee,” Stewart said. “You have to make money, you have to do basic work, you have to gay support and then you have to pull the trigger.”

Pence’s allies see him as a natural Trump heir, someone who can hold back his support by winning back suburban voters who left the party in the Trump era.

“It’s natural that Mike Pence has a very different person, a very different tone. “That’s probably an understatement,” said Scott Walker, a former Wisconsin governor who is a longtime friend of the UK-America Foundation. “As long as he can still talk about the things that Trump voters care about, but in a way that reflects more of the kind of a Midwesterner, which I think … it will be appealing to voters.”

Skeptics, meanwhile, see another old, masculine white man saddled with Trump’s luggage, but without his charisma. For these critics, Pence is a seafront who debunked himself for four years to avert Trump’s wrath – when Trump insisted, wrongly, to blame Pence for unilaterally overturning the 2020 election results.

Anger at Pence took a dangerously personal turn on January 6, when rioters paraded through the Capitol chanting “Hang Mike Pence” as they temporarily hanged outside the crowd. During Trump’s impeachment hearing To quell the uprising, a video was released in which Pence was rushed to safety, and sheltered with her family in an office fee 100 feet away from the rioters.

G.O.P. Signs that many people have pens responsible for losing the election are strewn across the highway in many of Trump’s homes, where masking tapes and markers block his name on Trump-Pence flags and linen signs.

Meanwhile, others like Pompeo are also trying to claim Trump mantle without much stuff.

“In many ways, I think his future is in Trump’s hands,” White Ayres, a longtime Republican, said of Pence. If Trump publicly praises Pence as a loyal lieutenant, Ayers said, he could see him as a capable candidate. But if Trump publicly blames Pence for his losses in November, “it’s toast,” Ayres said.

Pence, meanwhile, has tried to convey the impression that the former and the president have put together a fence, referring to their conversations at a meeting with members of the Conceptual Republican Studies Committee last month. Pence and Trump have spoken several times since leaving office, according to both men’s aides.

“He was very complementary to President Trump and he told us that he and President Trump are reminded and remembered of the great achievements of the administration and all of those things,” Rep. Mike Johnson, R-LA said.

While Jones acknowledged tensions during the final days of the administration, “clearly adds a little bit of trouble” to Pence, he argued that former Vice President Trump’s policy could allay panic by focusing on achievements.

“He helped achieve that and so he sued for the inheritance,” Jones said.

“I think he’s a viable candidate if he gets admitted,” the South Carolina rep. Jeff added to Duncan, whose support Pence could promote if he became a candidate. “It’s a force to be reckoned with.”