Trump vows to appeal Pennsylvania election challenge

President TrumpThe GOP senator congratulated Biden on the files of the Donald John Trump Trump campaign for a new count in Georgia, saying the FDA given to Trump allows emergency coronavirus antibody treatment. A late-night tweet slammed a federal judge in Pennsylvania for dismissing a lawsuit brought by his campaign that barred the process of certifying votes in a key war state.

Trump tweeted, “This is a continuation of the never-ending Witch Hunt.” “Judge Brain, who did not allow us to present our case or the evidence, is not a product of Pennsylvania’s Senator Pete’s ‘No Tariff’, my friend and Obama’s product – no wonder.”

“I’ll appeal!” The president added in a subsequent tweet.

Judge Matthew Byrne ruled on Saturday that the ballots cut by mail in Keystone State were an allegation that the person-made ones were “without merit” and were denied.

“In the United States of America, this would not do justice to being deprived of a single voter’s privilege, let alone all voters in its sixth most populous state. Our people, laws and institutions are demanding more,” Brun wrote.

On election day, Trump showed in an early return that there was a large lead among individual voters, which was gradually cut and eventually surpassed by the president-elect. JB bidenGOP senator congratulates Biden, says Trump should accept results, rejects Trump’s Pennsylvania claim of Trump camp Once the mail arrives in the ballot and will be counted.

In the weeks following the presidential election, the Trump campaign has raised legal challenges in Pennsylvania and other war-torn states, with Biden turning from red to blue with limited success. In Pennsylvania, Biden is leading Trump, who has not accepted the election, with more than 80,000 votes.

Sen. Pat TumiPatrick (Pete) Joseph Toomey Court of Appeals rules illegal NSA bulk phone data collection illegal, Dunford withdraws from chair Coronavirus inspection panel (R.P.) After the news of Ban’s verdict was overturned, Biden was congratulated on his victory, a move that alienated him from Republican allies who questioned the integrity of the presidential election or refused to accept Biden as the winner.

“With today’s decision by longtime hardline Republican Judge Matthew Bren to reject the Trump campaign claim, President Trump has exhausted all sensible legal options to challenge the outcome of the presidency in Pennsylvania. Senerer said in a statement.

Trump’s lawyers indicated they would file a lawsuit against the Pennsylvania case. The Court of Appeals is planning to take in the third circuit, Reuters reported.

“The Witch Hunt” is a line that Trump uses to describe a former special adviser Robert MuellerRobert (Bob) Mલરller warns CNN’s Tubin that McCabe is in “dangerous condition”, Trump rips CNN’s anchor over Stone while Clinton-Lynch reports Hill’s 12:30 meeting: New Hampshire results moreInvestigations into Russian interference in the 2001 election and the impeachment brought against him by Democrats late last year.

The Trump campaign maintains that it has evidence of widespread voter fraud in many states, but has rejected a number of challenges in court.