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Trump threatens DC protesters after Andrew Jackson statue was smashed with graffiti that labeled the seventh president as ‘murderous scum’

Black Lives Matter protests continue in the United States almost a month after George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis, with DC activists attempting to tear down a statue of the seventh President Andrew Jackson at night and scribbling graffiti on its base. , winning the sentence of Trump, who threatened them with prison terms of a decade.

Protesters scribbled “murderous scum” on the pedestal of the Jackson Monument in Lafayette Square near the White House, pulling him with ropes before police intervened.
In the confrontation, crowds again peacefully protested Floyd’s death at the same site from which they were forcibly displaced three weeks ago to make way for staged photos of Trump holding a bible (upside down) in front of the nearby Church. de San Juan.

That same chapel was stamped yesterday with the letters “BHAZ,” representing the “Black House Autonomous Zone” in tribute to the occupation effort in Seattle.

The frustrated effort to topple Jackson’s famous bronze image astride a breeding horse was the latest attempt to destroy monuments of historical figures deemed racist or divisive.

Trump turned to Twitter to say that many people were arrested for “shameful vandalism” in Lafayette Park and also for disfiguring the exterior of St John’s. “Ten years in prison under the Veteran Monument Preservation Law. Watch out!” the President threatened, only to be quickly corrected.

Monday’s incident began at dusk with dozens of protesters, most wearing masks against coronavirus infection, breaking a six-foot-tall fence erected in recent days around the statue in the center of the park.

Protesters then climbed onto the monument, tying ropes and ropes around Jackson’s sculpted heads and his horse and soaking the marble pedestal with yellow paint before the crowd began pulling the base from the base.

Dozens of law enforcement officers, led by the US Park Police. In the US, they stormed the plaza, swinging batons and firing chemical agents to disperse protesters. By nightfall, the police had seized control and outnumbered protesters in the immediate area.

Jackson, a former US Army general nicknamed “Old Hickory,” served two terms in the White House, from 1829 to 1837, adopting a populist political style that has sometimes been compared to that of Trump.

Native American activists have long criticized Jackson, a Democrat, for signing the Indian Expulsion Act of 1830, which led to thousands of Native Americans being expelled from their lands by the United States government and forced to march west, in what became known as the “Path of Tears.” Many perished before arriving.