Trump demonstration in Tulsa ridiculed by late-night television presenters

Late-night television presenters skinned Donald Trump and praised K-pop fans Monday night after the President’s weekend rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which drew significantly less crowds. than expected.

Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and James Corden devoted much of their Monday monologues to Trump’s return to the campaign, which drew 6,600 attendees, just 993,400 fewer than Trump’s projected crowd of about 1 million. .

“For someone who was born into wealth and never suffered a single consequence for his actions, this guy just can’t take a break,” Noah joked on “The Daily Show.” “Because nothing is more humiliating than when you throw a party and most of the guests don’t show up. I still remember when that happened when I turned 12. “

“Well guys, if you thought watching a talk show without an audience was weird, wait until you see what President Trump did with his rally,” Fallon joked as he filmed “The Tonight Show” from his home. “Yes, it’s not good. That crowd made Trump’s inauguration look like Obama’s.”

Comedians also criticized the president for his comments on the coronavirus after Trump said he told his “people” to “delay testing” for COVID-19 in order to report fewer cases. Later, a White House official claimed that the president “was clearly joking.”

“One of the craziest parts of the rally is that he even admitted that he told his people to slow down the testing for coronavirus so that the numbers didn’t seem so bad, which is something we used to assume he was doing, and now it just tells us, “Noah said.” So I guess thanks for the honesty. “

“The administration later said it was joking, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, ‘Ha ha, very funny joke.'” Corden joked about “The Late Late Show”.

Meanwhile, K-pop “stans” and teens on TikTok fell in love a lot on the night circuit after taking credit for sabotaging the rally by registering for the online event with no intention of attending. The coordinated youth effort could partly explain Trump’s over-inflated prediction of participation.

“I mean, this is perfect,” said Corden. “Trump was defeated by a group of teenagers, like the villain in the ’80s movie he is. And he would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those nosy kids. “

“I hope you had a good Father’s Day,” said Meyers at the top of “Late Night.” “They told me that the children were planning a big surprise party for me. Instead, I have nothing. It turns out it was all a joke made by some K-pop fans. “

And finally, none of the hosts could resist teasing Trump for bragging about his ability to drink a glass of water with one hand, to applaud the disappointing audience.

“Well, that is reassuring. The President has no problem drinking one-handed water. He just can’t do it without haggling over himself, “Colbert joked in” The Late Show. “” That’s how low the bar is for Trump these days. He gets applause for drinking water. “