Trump criticizes Bolton, Seattle and Democrats in ‘Hannity’ interview

President Trump criticized John Bolton on Thursday ahead of the publication of his memoirs “The Room Where It Happened,” calling his former national security adviser “crazy” and saying that “all he wants to do is bomb people.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview on Fox News’ “Hannity” scheduled to air Thursday at 9pm ET, Trump digs deeper into Bolton just days after the former national security adviser won a court battle that allowed him to publish his memoirs despite of the White House objections that it contained classified information.

“It didn’t do a good job,” Trump said of Bolton. “She was not smart. He wasn’t cunning. “

Trump added: “He is the only man I think I have ever met, I knew him for a year, I don’t think I ever saw him smile once.” I said, ‘John, do you ever smile?’ And it tells you something about someone. ‘”


Earlier this week, Bolton defended his decision to write a report on his time in the Trump administration, and denied having violated record-keeping laws by destroying his notes while in the White House.

Bolton, who gave an interview Tuesday on Fox News’ “Bret Baier Special Report”, was as critical of the president as Trump was of him when compared to presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

“The difference between [Joe] Biden and Trump is that Biden has an opinion, and Trump does not have an opinion, “Bolton said, linking Trump’s perceived erratism to the coronavirus pandemic:” On any day, any decision is possible. And that seems scary to me. I think the coronavirus response shows exactly the kind of fear I have. “


Bolton continued, saying that “the response was choppy, inconsistent, sporadic, and not as effective as it could have been.” He later warned that this “only gives a preview of what could happen in an even more serious crisis.”

Trump gave an extensive interview on Hannity and touched on a number of topics, from the Investigation of Russia and its Democratic rivals, to the semi-autonomous zone established in downtown Seattle.

“If they don’t do something with Seattle, we will, we will go there,” Trump told host Sean Hannity. “Because what is happening is taking over American cities.”

He also became Democratic leaders on the hill, saying, “We have [Charles] Schumer and [Nancy] Pelosi and the people who are bad people who I sincerely believe do not love our country. What they do to our country and what they have done with this scam, all the scam, [Michae] Flynn is part of that. The Mueller scam.

Continuing, Trump said: “Now it turned out that Mueller should have announced in the first week that we did nothing wrong. They had evidence in the early days that there was no collusion with Russia. There was nothing to do with Russia. They found out immediately.