Trump Blames Illinois Governor and Chicago Mayor for Ongoing Gun Violence: “You Must Establish Law and Order”

President Trump criticized Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Illinois Governor JB Pritzker in a letter on Friday about the gun violence that has plagued the city in recent years, accusing both Democrats of putting “their own political interests ahead of the lives, security and fortune of its citizens. ” own citizens. “

Trump cited a June 8 Chicago Sun-Times report that 85 people were shot and 24 killed during a violent weekend before saying the city is more dangerous than the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Among those killed over the deadly weekend mentioned in the report was a “working father,” a high school student and a freshman from college hoping to become a correctional officer, Trump said.

“His lack of leadership on this important issue continues to fail the people he has sworn to protect,” Trump wrote. “I am concerned that it is another example of their lack of commitment to vulnerable citizens who are victims of this violence and the lack of respect for men and women in law enforcement.”

Trump said Chicago has received millions in federal funds to support public safety. It also extended an olive branch to both leaders to address the city’s high crime rate and high taxes.

“If you are willing to put aside partisanship, we can revitalize Chicago’s distressed neighborhoods, together,” Trump said. “But to be successful, you must establish law and order.”

Jordan Abudayyeh, Pritzker’s press secretary, called Trump a “failure” and said the letter was a political trick to “distract” himself from his long list of failures, especially his response to the deadly coronavirus and national calls for racial justice. “. Times reported.

“The people of this state and of this nation have unfortunately come to await their insane attempts to politicize the tragedy with their predictable and worn out strategy to distract, distract, distract,” said Abudayyeh.

Lightfoot also responded via Twitter.

“I don’t need leadership lessons from Donald Trump,” he wrote, adding that the letter was part of the “tired old playbook.”


Trump has tried to portray himself as a “law and order” president and previously accused Chicago-elected leaders and Democrats of being too soft on crime. It has taken an even tougher stance amid protests across the country that have sometimes turned into clashes with the police and violence.