Trump and Kim Jong Un discussed golf, Dennis Rodman

President Trump and Kim Jong Un commented on Dennis Rodman and golf during the historic Singapore summit two years ago, according to John Bolton’s new revealing book.

The former national security adviser recalled the conversation between the two leaders during a working lunch during their June 2018 meeting.

“The opening conversation was light, with Kim describing his visit the night before to Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Casino and Hotel Complex, one of the highlights of Singapore’s nightlife,” Bolton wrote in his book, published on Tuesday, ” The room where it happened: A Memories of the White House.

“Kim and Trump discussed golf, Dennis Rodman, and the US women’s soccer team defeated North Korea at the 2016 Olympics.”

The summit culminated with Trump and Kim signing a denuclearization agreement.

Rodman’s unlikely friendship with Kim has been well documented. The couple first met in 2013 in Pyongyang when the Hall of Fame member was on a basketball trip. Since then they have been seen together as jet skis and singing karaoke.

Rodman, who was in Singapore during the summit, cried on live television during the leaders’ first in-person meeting. The eccentric former reality star later told The Post that the summit was long overdue.